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What Is A Good 250cc 2-Stroke Track Bike?

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  • What Is A Good 250cc 2-Stroke Track Bike?

    Gday all,

    I have been planning on getting a track bike sometime later this year .I was wondering what i should get, I do have a cbr250r at the moment but I want a 250cc 2-stroke bike aswell. I am not sure what one i should get so I want to hear the good and the cons. I am only looking to spend $2500.


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    Do a search, pretty sure this has been discussed in the past.



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      RGV is cheaper. RS rarer and more aspensive. Better frame and suspension though.

      I'd say get and RGV and then blow all your money here.

      EDIT: Don't overlook the Yammi TZR 3XV either. If I had my chance again I would have bought one!
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        Like stratos said, RS is the best of that bunch due to it being much newer (about 10 years or so).

        What's your budget? You could always buy a TZ250 for about $23k...


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          imho unless you have your own reasons for wanting a 2T track bike, for the $ a nice 2nd hand 600cc bike will be more reliable

          otherwise rgv.. cos the parts are more common and more people are familiar with them and can provide information for keeping them running :p
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            NSR is too rare, and hard to get parts.
            RS is somewhat rare, suzuki based parts still easy to find, aprillia parts difficult
            RGV is common, easy to find parts, strong aftermarket community

            RGV wins
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              Without saying how much your willing to spend there isn't much point to this thread...

              P.s if you are serious about this, go on the net and do a thorough search about each model you looking at. All the information is out there, you just need to google it.

              P.s.s, I also thought about getting a 2T tracky a while ago... as for the above reasons, I ended up looking for RGV's. Cheap and strong after market parts makes it a winner.


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                  Honda rs250?


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                    Honda RS250. Pricecheck?


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                      unless you are getting to the point where you want to get into racing really hardcore, don't look at the GP machinery - it will entice you to look at it, but scare you away when your bank account starts whimpering (23k for a machine is DEFINITELY second hand - new gear will hit you closer to the 40k mark, more if you have it A- or B-kitted). if you want to get started into racing, 2-strokes will teach you a lot more than 600's (abeit being more expensive to maintain). you have to keep it in powerband, you have to keep up your corner speed, you have to know what your bike is telling you and react accordingly - usually straight away. also, F2 is a lot more 'grassroot' than the 600cc classes. great to get started

                      i'll just parrot what everyone else has said about the strokers. RGV has the best community support all around and is a great all-round bike to start with. RS takes the RGV powerplant and puts it in a better handling chassis and suspension package. NSR, TZR and KR machinery is rarer than the RGV (at least with WA in mind), but they all have their good points too (heaps of info on the forums and the web in general). none of the big 4 had 'slow' machines, especially if they were in the right hands
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                        if you're only looking for track use, then the aprilias aren't that pricey. there are quite a few around that aren't able to be road registered that go pretty cheap. if you want to ride on the road though...


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                          Originally posted by MRK View Post
                          Honda RS250. Pricecheck?

                          SOOO MUCH WANT!!!!!

                          How could 94HP and 101KG be a bad idea? Will set you back a very pretty penny and from what I have heard they need to be rebuild ever few hundred k's.


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                            Well it looks like the RGV250 wins so now i know what to get and great info AlphaChild Just what i wanted to hear .


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                              NSR's are rare, but parts arn't that rare or expensive, i re-built my top end myself and think all the bits were $350 all up.

                              As for what to get: a decent RGV is as rare as a decent NSR i'd say