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    Hi. So I wanted to ride to work today and possibly over the long weekend but as it happens my bike appears to have other plans.

    - Key in, turned key, tacho needle moves jerkily between 0 - 6000 and back again.
    - Let it sit where it was at past 0 and pulled brake on, tacho needle flicks between 0 - low revs (I can't exactly remember where it's jumping to)

    I didn't try kicking it over.
    I'm hoping it may be a fuse or something simple.

    I know this info is limited but I thought I'd post to get some ideas on what the problem might be.

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    I know nouthin bout nuthin, but I'd check your ground connections first. If they are out of whack and you get a 'floating ground' it can do what you described.
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      check your battery terminals and make sure they are on nicely, you may need to clean them...
      check fuses...


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        Why didn't you just kick it ?


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          from ma bed in hozz, sounds like the battery "has dropped a plate"
          check voltage between red and blek should be 12+ Volts


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            flat battery.

            seen it before on heidi's, the tacho will 'tick'.

            replace and check the charging system as well, just in case.


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              Thanks guys.

              Possibly a stupd question, but you're used to them by now - would Suzuki/Somewhere Else have a readily available battery for my bike?


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                Battery World mebbe.

                But it should kick fine even with a flat battery Loz.


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                  I'd try Rick Gills first, Kev needs to do some work
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                    Shouldn't be hard to track one down buuut if it has just been sitting a while it might be worthwhile just giving it a charge and see how it goes

                    Can drop a charger off tonight if you're stuck.


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                      Admittedly, the last time I rode it was the MAD ride so it has been sitting under the cover for a couple weeks.

                      Thanks again guys, I didn't try kicking it over this mroing in case it went all Ducati on me and blew up.


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                        Just bat your eyelids and make it Lee's problem.

                        I hear some form of sweet cake like substance or other food based items tend to make things work again.


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                          Orange tic-tacs are your friend Loz.