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  • Bit of advise pls

    I am fitting lomas exhaust to my RZ350R . I am still running the oil pump my question is : Will I need to re jet the carbs and will the oil pump supply enough oil due to the increase air flow though the motor ?.

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    you probably will need to rejet the carbs because an exhaust chamber change automatically changes the resonance, which changes how the way the engine breathes and how the fuel gets charged into the cylinder back through the exhaust port

    i am not sure about the operation of the oil pump on the RZ's, but if it is anything like RGV's, the pump is influenced by the throttle. the feed rate should be constant, changing as the rider changes throttle position. i would think that there should still be sufficient oil to make sure everything gets enough oil to stop from seizing, but i am no expert in that field

    on the odd chance that someone experienced here can't get you an answer, might be worth paying a visit to the RGV250 forums
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      set the oil pump up as per manual, are you running with standard airbox? if yes remove it and fit uni filters,this will help the jl's work then you will have to rejet...start high and work your way down


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        Yes ritza I am still running the standard air box or was . Thanks heaps >>>off to order jets and uni filters