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Need RGV250 barrels welded up

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  • Need RGV250 barrels welded up

    a few years ago i had my rgv250 barrels machined to take o-rings. but now with cougar red, vhm etc heads on the market i want to weld up the o-ring grooves.
    anyone got any ideas where i can go to get this done?
    1993 Suzuki RGV250SP (VJ22)
    1996 Suzuki RGV250 (VJ22)
    1996 Suzuki RGV250SP (VJ23)

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    I reckon you'd be better off trying to just swap with someone unless you've got some sort of attachment to them.

    If you find someone ready for a rebuild with decent condition barrels, it could be free...


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      ive seen alyz engineering in midland welding and grinding back heads
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