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FGWTK: Have you always known what you wanted to do/be when you grew up?

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  • FGWTK: Have you always known what you wanted to do/be when you grew up?

    Did your schooling have a large influence on where you are today?

    Were you part of the nerd herd, and have ended up being a doctor/nuerosurgeon/ect ect?

    Or you never had a clue and followed where life has led you, and still ended up happy with where you are?



    edit: Me?

    Well I was part nerd brigade and part wanted to fade into existence. I wasnt a particularly great student, did what I needed to do and not much more...managed to get through. As of right now I own and run a small engineering firm with my husband with further expansion to start pretty soon. So for me, my schooling didnt plot my course. Ive never had a fixed idea of what I wanted to do when I grew up, unlike many I know...which has confounded me. How does someone know what they wanted to do all along?
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        In primary school i watched alot of action movies.

        I wanted to be this guy. Action movie star was my dream. Hahaha, my little sister was not impressed.

        Then i did the nerd high school thing. And i work in the family business all i want now is success and to be able to live comfortably, and have lots of toys to play with.
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          I was gonna do engineering and get involved somehow with aircraft. Didn't get the marks from high school so took science units in first year uni to try get in but realized I hate maths therefore eng not the greatest choice. Was also doing a geology unit and found it pretty awesome, and now here I am!
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            I always wanted to become an Avian Vomatologist, ended up a soldier then an engineer.
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              I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up.

              (and I secretly hope that doesn't happen for a while yet)


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                My plan is to cling onto adolescence long enough for senility to kick in.
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                  Originally posted by xphread View Post
                  I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up.

                  (and I secretly hope that doesn't happen for a while yet)
                  ditto. Just chose something I was supposedly good at, which had a reasonable job market at the time.


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                    At school I wanted to shag as many chicks as I could. Years later not much has changed except - a/ There's only one chick I can shag & b/ Due to my advancing years less chicks would shag me. Probably for the best really. Need to find a new goal now...
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                      I wanted to be a teacher, then realised that I would have to deal with those horrid "little treasures" that people insist on producing. Twas at that point @ 11yrs of age I knew what I didnt want to be - A) a Breeder and B ) a teacher. Both achieved. Never had a single thought of what I was sposed to be upon growing up - just kind of fluffed my way through and have done okay.


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                        I wanted to be an architect, but our school farmed us out into short job experience roles near the end and I found the architect office I went to really boring. Plus I was put off by the 7 year degree at the time. So I changed tracks and went into engineering...."but that's boring too!" I hear you say. Well maybe, but it got me into designing cars for Ford UK, which I loved. But then we moved to sleepy Perth where no car design goes on, so I used my engineering quals to get me into the mines like everyone else here. Wish I was out photographing instead, but I can't seem to get that to pay as well as engineering just yet!
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                          Dole bludger/surfer, failed miserably. But still havent grown up so there is still hope.
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                            School hated me I had an understanding of that.
                            Always wanted to fix big trucks, go fishing and sail to europe on a ship.
                            So far have been paid to do all i wanted to do, And some more on top.
                            I have one thing left to do and that would be all my school time ambitions done.

                            The school system isnt geard for everyone.
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                              At school I wanted to be Princess Leia, and in my dreams and at selected fancy dress parties I am. Cooooooollll!!!!

                              Other than that, I was a top-ranking nerd, and I still am.