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  • PDWTK: Mood Lifters

    Aside from the known stages of actual tramua and grief that we each must get through at certain times, we all have occasional blue days.

    It could be little things seeming to pile up, deadline stress, loneliness, a frustrating or disappointing turn of events, or perhaps just the weather.

    You find yourself in a bit of a slump. The next minor misfortune, say, burnt toast, is met with an exasperated cry from you of "oh, that's just fucking typical!" (although it isn't typical, in reality).

    Or an associate or relative approaches and you just know they are going to ask how you are (and must they? really?) and your fixed polite smile says "I'm well, thank you" but your mind is saying "I feel so lonely". You make no such enquiries about their welfare, not because you're a nasty pastie, rather you're just not in one of those "exchange/open dialogue" kind of moods today.

    Anyway, you get the idea.

    What things work for you to pull yourself up?

    I'm not looking for the "I stop feeling sad and start being awesome instead" or however the quote goes, I'm interested in your tangible solutions, the things that do it for you.

    Is there something in your routine to look forward to - e.g. weekly ride, Fighting Fit, writing a blog, team sports, or that hot courier who comes by every Tuesday?

    Are there unscheduled things that are sure to get you back in the saddle - e.g. hit the beach, watch the 2008 Grand Final, wash & polish the bike/car?

    How do you change the colour of your day?

    *** EDIT: Depression and mood disorders are not the focus of this thread, however there are some great links and thought provoking discussion on those elsewhere. And when search capabalities are restored (Hi Brougham, Hi Nath, love you guys...) then I will add some useful links.
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    Originally posted by Melkor
    The Saint is all over the answer like a Saint on a cupcake.


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      Nice thread, I lack things to bring me up and when I'm down I stay down.
      Looking forward to seeing other peoples solutions.


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        any kind of sport (but preferably team sport) or exercise lets me regain focus.
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          I like being around people, but not necessarily interacting with them. So I'll be the wallflower in the corner at the party just watching proceedings.

          Without being too preachy about it, since I've started doing lots of exercise and watching my diet I'm finding I'm a hell of a lot better than I used to be. My moods are more stable, the downs are less severe and don't last anywhere near as long.
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            Right now I am at a loss but I know that taking anti depressants does nothing but mask the feelings and only allow you to make decisions you wouldn't normally make, you are never truly happy until your drug free and happy.
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              Winning as Wermacht on Company of Heroes 1v1 Automatch.

              More seriously, going for a luncheon with one of my close mates; sharing whatever's sitting on my chest. Preferably travelling on my RC8 (always makes me smile, plus it demands a lot of focus and forces me to take my mind away from "shit"). I'm someone who prefers to just talk about whatever it is, then reflect on those changes, and act.


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                Exercise is a winner for me, when im feeling down or stressed i just hit the gym.

                It distracts me from whenever is eating at me and also help me feel better as well.

                Originally posted by Arwon View Post
                Right now I am at a loss but I know that taking anti depressants does nothing but mask the feelings and only allow you to make decisions you wouldn't normally make, you are never truly happy until your drug free and happy.
                Yeah i completley agree with that, iv been on the before and all they seem to do is just numb everything..


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                  I generally do something by myself or with people who are not into incessant chatter, usually a ride, swim/surf, allows me to shut the voices up.
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                    Music, even the melancholy and sad can have a positive effect if it triggers some memory or stimulates your mind into thinking through an issue.

                    Getting a bit of sunlight, better eating. Like Barfy said being in the vicinity of others can help (unless it's the emo's in the city).
                    Go for a ride. Read or revisit a book that made you laugh or motivated you.

                    Watch a movie.
                    Sometimes hitting the bag or similar can be good catharsis by physical release.
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                      If I'm feeling down, either mentally / emotionally, or just mind numbingly fatigued (after about day 23 at work), then music is best.
                      In fact if I have music I don't get to that point in the first place.

                      If I'm angry, then exercise is good to burn it off. Helps to make it a solid work out, can go harder, and then the shattered feeling after is quite cathartic.


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                        I tend to wallow in a pit of self pitty and really get into the groove of being down,
                        its all a part of living the manic lifestyle I choose,
                        Yesterday sucked till dusty big time, today is the same so far.
                        Makes me enjoy the good all the more.
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                          mekon, I actually get a slight lift from watching the emo's in the city. I sit near them at the GPO. For one, they are like moving art with their carefully chosen and constructed look. I quite partial to occasional nail polish or hair dye on boys, I sometimes wonder if there's a David Bowie lurking in there. Also, they always say their hellos and goodyes with hugs, that's always nice. Their conversations are actually more interesting than the workers or commuters (everyone talks shit, not just teenagers). The girls often comment that my daughter (chasing the pigeons near the GPO) is cute, and that lifts me. Maybe all I need is to piss off this assignment and get on the train...

                          Saint and Desmo came in straight away with the two things I was thinking when I posted. I love you guys Well Desmo, I don't know you enough to love you yet, but I don't wish you any specific harm, so there's always that


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                            If its a case, of the day being grey:
                            The more "meh" I feel the more "bubbly" I appear. Ill actively seek to smile/wave to poeple, complement them, ask them how their weekend was/is going to be. Eventually I feel better, if nothing more than the fact that I have made someone else a little happier.

                            If its a case of everyone bugging me, piling on work etc:
                            If I need to get out, ill jog down the road for a diet coke and a marsbar - by the time I get there, im totally knackered and really not thinking about how much i want to punch "so and so" in the head. Ill drink the coke and share the marsbar with one of my workmates (even when its 34 degrees and its 3 blocks to the nearest coke and marsbar).

                            If Im lonely, Ill go somewhere that is filled with people and just sit and listen

                            I'll admint am a little odd, I "refuse" to be "depressed", therefore, I refuse to acknowledge or dwell on being in a "bad mood". Sometimes Ill get to the end of the day, "burn my toast", sit in the middle of the kitchen floor, bawl my eyes out and go to bed. Work stays at work and tomorrow is a clean state.

                            Feel free to punch me next time you see me Deb
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                              That's an interesting take Deb