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SCWTK - Which sound card.

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  • SCWTK - Which sound card.

    Hi Folks I need a new sound card that can do 5.1 output.

    Now I know that you are going to say that almost all of them do it.

    The last two I have purchased (Sounds Blaster Audigy & C Media CM8768) have had 7.1 output, but only through the separate analog plugs FL, FR, Centre/SUB etc.

    They only output 2 Channel through the Optical Out.

    What I need is a soundcard that will output 5.1 through the optical.

    Any ideas?
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    Try the following link :

    PC Case Gear Sound Cards

    Not only do they have Creative but also have the new ASUS Xonar stuff but also Auzentech, from memory the Auzentech's have 2 maybe 3 cards that can do it but they are 7.1 (read it here : Tom's Hardware: Hardware News, Tests and Reviews), another option could be a newer motherboard, some have it native now, although again not certain which ones, have a look at the various manufacturers websites.
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      The Asus Xonars do optical 5.1, but have poor support for automatic front panel jack detection in Win7.
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        I've got a 7.1 with optical in my htpc. Will check specs tomorrow for you.