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NRWTK best beers to buy for a global beer tasting

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  • NRWTK best beers to buy for a global beer tasting

    a mate and i are planning a beer tasting next weekend to celebrate a win on the stockmarket, planning on a lazy day of trying some quality foriegn and local beer tasting

    any suggestions of a good list?

    happy with dark and light ales, and lager, not a huge pilsner fan but happy to venture out for the good stuff. top notch stout are fine too.

    seeing as after 20-30 each I will be legless, anyone care to do me up a list of the top 20-30?

    any good supplier places SOR much appreciated too.!

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    I usually go to "The International Beer shop" as they have the proper imported stuff.

    International Beer Shop - Buy Beer Online - Leading Australian & International Brands.

    They also do round the world in x amount of beers packs and things like that. The staff are also pretty knowledgeable in beer and recommending things.


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      Better off going to Jandakot Liquor. They have all sorts of obscure stuff, especially from Belgium etc


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        Buy Duvel Beer Online, Duvel Moortgat, Belgium, Belgian Strong Pale Ale - International Beer Shop

        Is good but must be drunk from the appropriate glass.


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          Hmmm, Duvel is a hard one to beat.

          Weihenstephaner is more affordable at around $20 a 4 pack (500ml) and is just so yummay.

          Suppliers, Dan Murphys OR pm Millsy, he's your man.
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            always been a big fan of the Hefe from above brand, that with definately make the list, think I'll go take pen and paper of the Jandakot store this WE for a little fact finding mission :-)


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              Jandakot's gone - it's a First Choice Liquor now
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                Gouden Carolus is amazing, White Rabbit Dark Ale is another good one. Erdinger German Wheat Beer is good too.

                Why not go to the Belgian Beer Cafe and work through the menu?

                What stocks did you have a win on?
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                  AVQ and BCC, getting rid of the last of my bcc this week or next to clear the debts. made a bit on KRL too.


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                    Chimay (blue)


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                      Any of the NZ IPA's - Renaissance, 8 Wired, Emersons, American and Danish IPA's - Stones Ruination Ale is great, Feral Hophead is a good local beer,.If you feel really masochistic, try some of the Brewdog beers......they have beers up to 50% ABV!
                      Mikkeller and Nّgne are good, as well.
                      I tend to go to the International Beer shop, for my fix....
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                        Anything from Germany, I wish you could sample the 2 local breweries here Feierling and Martinsbraeu, their beer brings a tear to my eye everytime, it's that good.


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                          I find German beers to be technically brilliant to the point of blandness. All flavours and character get stripped out, they're like Hondas of the beer world.

                          Give me something funky from Belgium or a full on hop assault.
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                            Which beers do you refer to? There are literally thousands of beer brands here.

                            Edit: If you like hop, drink a Finnish beer called Lapua III or something (off the top of my head). It's pretty much drinking yeast.