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  • NWTK, working / living in NZ

    Ive been umming and arhing over it for a few years, now with uni finished its a real possiblity. Anyone been there and done that over there?

    For me the plus's are.

    houses cost a fair bit less
    great food
    great roads
    ability to easily import bikes
    owning a bit of property that doesnt cost a arm and a leg

    some neg's
    things for general living can cost more, but its not like WA is a cheap place to live anymore
    lower salary.
    wifes doesnt like the cold weather
    its full off kiwi's :-)

    Really though whats the salary conversion from here to there, say 100k here, would the same job pay the same over there in NZ dollars. appears theres a few oil and gas/ mining jobs over there.

    I figure a environmental job over there would be good, more enviro switched on population, sell house here and be able to pocket $100,000 to $200,000 from house sale, its not like my family are big consumers, a car and bike, some property to grow our own food, and i would'nt mind building a eco house on the side of a hill with some killer views.

    Any feedback much appreciated

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    Depends where in NZ you want to move - anywhere other than Auckland will be just a sleepy little town, even in comparison to Perth.

    I just got back from a few days over in Christchurch at career expos trying to recruit engineers - I would say probably 4/5 all expressed interest in moving over to Australia - they are all trying to get out and work appears to be a bit scarce post-earthquake, although the North Island has a fair bit more going on I hear.

    Other positives include:
    -cheap snow trips
    -more relaxed laws and less PC attitudes
    -better scenery
    -better outdoor sporting scene (snow, hang-gliding, hiking, sailing etc)

    some of the existing houses are very old and not built too well though - and prices may be low but these aren't very big cities so you can live relatively close to the city cheaply in comparison to the big Australian cities.
    You will find anything up in the hills around major cities there will become expensive very quickly, but this might be discounted a bit by the cheaper labour/construction market.


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      Is land cheaper over there? (I'm ignorant, so feel free to correct me)

      A kiwi driller's offsider I worked with in Kal had just come from a messy divorce and lost his dairy farm in NZ.

      Reckoned he came to WA for a fresh start for work in the goldfields, and dairy farms were 3-4 times cheaper here than back in NZ.

      Could be wrong, that's just one kiwi's account.

      Oh and another positive- more relaxed gun laws:
      Guns may be unplugged. New Zealand duck hunting season runs May through July and coincides with prime hunting for many big game species. You may bring your own shotgun, but a selection of semi-automatic Berettas are included in duck hunting packages.
      Not that I like duck hunting, but semi auto shotguns are fun and should be available for all.
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        Dont know about property being all that cheap over there anymore especially not when you take in the NZ wages. In saying that I do know some people that have some large land holdings in NZ about 40 mins north of Auckland and the area is fantastic if you were interested in looking at some. I think the block sizes were 5 acres and up and were in quite hilly areas so there was awesome views and quiet countryside.

        If you like hunting there are wild goats on said land too and i know they wouldn't mind you wandering over the other lots for a bit of a hunt if you were keen (did it at xmas time with them).

        If wife doesn't like the cold or rain I would suggest not going there, this will save your marriage
        Men have motorcycles while women have menstrual cycles, you can't talk to either while they are on it. The women's also has a sound, it goes nag-na-nag-nag-nag, biiiiiitch-bitch-biiiiiiiitch!


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          south island property look pretty good, wages I'm not so fussed about looks on avarage about 10% less than here for uni qualified positions.

          i could be almost mortgage free which is a bit plus.

          some places look awesome for the dollars being asked.


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            touched base with a mate today who has just returned from a 6 weeks holiday there, and told him about my thoughts of moving, and asked how he found it, says he has just signed off on buying 48,000 m2 block on tip of north island, 300m from the beach, good surf breaks, on top of a 100m hill, already signed up to build a 400m2 "surf shack" on top, he moving permently and renting out his Margeret river houses.

            must have made a impression i dare say.....LOL