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TWTK- Who else has vividwireless....

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  • TWTK- Who else has vividwireless....

    Just wanting to start d/loading some stuff and want to know if better to upgrade to vivid unlimited or go normal broadband...

    will the speed be better on normal or does vivid deliver
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    mmm the gf has vivid and it seems good.. for wireless. From what I have seen it doesn't compete with my ADSL2+ for speed, especially with multiple computers/downloads.
    The vivid website reckons they get speeds pretty on par with ADSL2+ 4G wireless broadband speed test | vividwireless.

    I might get her to speed test it with a remote site when she gets home..
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      I used to have it, but it became very unreliable, and the speed became more and more slow. It dropped out a lot, and the coverage wasn't the best (although it's no doubt improving). I even used the antenna booster.
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        I have it. Love it. Its quick and far....!
        Speed is good, and since I get no reception for anything else I cant complain.


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          I have it as backup for my DSL. Did have an issue with being too close to the base station and over driving the signal. That's been resolved and it's now solid as. I run mine through a dual WAN router as I can only get DSL1 and route all uploads and downloads through it. I get about 10 Mbps down and up to 3Mbps upload (not P2P) so as a backup to the DSL it's great. Since the fix, it's been solid as a rock. Pings to my Melb. based game server is not too flash hence the DSL.


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            Paging downclown. That is when his internet finally catches up..