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HWTK - Plasma TV problem any else one had this?

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  • HWTK - Plasma TV problem any else one had this?

    ok, so large plasma just out of warranty and we get this , i searched the interwebz and it say that its a board or connection issue thats taking out the vertical pixel lines. the third inner line comes and goes but seems to be there for good now, they still fire but not true to picture colour they do their own thing, ignore the white square thats the "no signal" indication. rest of the pic fires fine

    So PSB anyone else had this issue? can someone confirm what i think, where, who and how much to get it fixed please ??

    could it be interference from something, its wall mounted could that effect it ??

    Any help, information or opinions greatly appreciated
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    Don't forget that the manufacturer warranty is not the same as your statutory rights. If that product would reasonably be expected to last longer than it has, then you might be able to get it repaired. Checl with the ACCC.
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      It's an internal issue, not interference from an outside source mate.

      As Sventek said, goods like this need to carry a fairly substantial warranty and it would be well worth speaking to the manufacturer about it ASAP.
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        I had this under warranty,"not repairable",gave me a new set(hardly's)


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          Yeh LG did the same for us purchased through Harvs....


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            thanks for the replies, ok, ive got some traction on this one from the manufacturer, even tho it was just out of warranty they've agreed to look at it as a one off, had the repair guy come around and said the screen needs replacing, cross fingers for next week fix.

            luckily i had registered the product and made a complaint about buzz when i first bought it, even though there was no trace of me, ot the tv on their public service website or record of any of my email addresses they still had it on the internal system with correct email ( ?? !! )

            thanks [MENTION=7864]Sventek[/MENTION] and [MENTION=7958]Todd B. Rexington[/MENTION] for reminding me of my rights as a consumer, i should be aware i sat through enough industry training on it. i guess i just gave up.
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              what brand plasma is that? i've scored one which does similar, same side as well. sometimes it's just some small lines, sometimes there's 2 x 25mm lines, sometimes nothing. it's an LG 50", neighbour gave it to me for nothing cos of the line
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                Samsung, their screens had been reliable for us up to then
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                  I had a laptop do this and yeah just out of warranty as well, i opened it up and found the digitizer connector had lifted ever so slightly, pressing it back and i used some model glue, of course laptop died a year later but still.
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                    well, result. they are dropping off a new 64" to replace the superseded 60"

                    lesson - always register your warranties with the manufacturer

                    thanks everyone for your replies
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