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Rental bike in Europe and semi guided tours - what would you expect

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  • Rental bike in Europe and semi guided tours - what would you expect

    Say I wanted to start a motorbike rental place. I would want to cater to the low and mid price clientel who are like me after a quick and dirty hoot and a half and therefor have maybe 5 DRZ400 supermotards in probably not latest model condition but you know they are fine and maintained. Quite honestly they are not first choice to drive you through 5 countries in a day and don´t drive 200ks on the autobahn and they might just struggle to overtake a truck in time on the open road.

    Now I am not a tour operator and don´t want to be one as it seems pretty hard with licences and insurances so I will have none of this. But I do know where the best places are and have a couple of secret spots in Supermoto heaven. So I would just offer to a mate to accompany me and take your luggage the rented bikes and an old city bus and steer towards these spots. Whether you want to follow me or not on that day where I would have been riding on my summer holidays anyways, is up to you and for accommodation and sight seeing I could possibly point you in the right direction. I would hope the efforts would be appreciated and a little money towards fuel for the slowest bus ride you will ever have had and what not as this part of the venture is supposed to be cost covering at best.

    Now where I would be intending to sting you is if you damage my beloved fair condition motorcycles if you hang around in the bus. As I would explicitly not exclude race tracks I almost bank on the fact that they will be rolled, bowled and arseholed on go kart tracks, the Nürburgring, other race tracks on the way we might happen past, old military dirt roads or in any of the twisty delights that come to my mind. According to Jeremy Clarkson a rental vehicle is in fact the fastest vehicle in the world. I might have a just as fast spare rental bike but it´s gonna cost you. Damage to "your" bike can most probably be fixed in the mobile workshop by a certified mechanic before you slept off your hangover but it is still gonna cost you. I would expect that one goes through a set of tyres every 2 weeks at the latest I will need to charge for that.
    For ease of operation I came to like the "every spill costs a set amount" approach. So 250 Euros comes to mind if it is accidental. Obviously I am quite happy to attend if you are trying to blow up the engine or run it purposely into a wall but the charge will be higher for a complete write off. I am thinking the semi guided part is the more interesting part really but I will have time constraints with work. I would be quite happy to let you have the bike yourself of course after or before that since it is a rental business.

    Well what you reckon. Is that an interesting and viable proposition or do I need to seriously alter my take on the whole venture with newer bikes, hookers on the bus, 5 managers for something or other and a proper agreement so you can sue my ass if you didn´t like the road we drove or anything else that you would be looking for.
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    Wait... Wut?

    Not quite sure what I just read there.
    Are you asking a question, or making a statement...?!

    TLR - You wanna open a tour / hire company that rents bikes out, and people pay you to go with them and show them places in Europe that include SuperMoto heaven, Go-Kart tracks, the Nurburgring, select tourist attractions, but not the Autobahn and something about a slow bus with hookers onboard?


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      Every word was spelt perfectly. But not one sentence made sense.