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Any Patent Attorneys/IP Lawyers around?

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  • Any Patent Attorneys/IP Lawyers around?

    Hey guys

    Been thinking of a bit of a sea change for a little while and getting out of chemical manufacturing into something a bit different and I saw something pop up for a position as a trainee patent attorney.
    A guy I know in Sydney did something similar after PostDoccing around for a while and it always seemed rather interesting to me reading a lot about cutting-edge research and being involved with stuff like that, and I've had an interest in law for quite a while.
    The position requires a technical degree (which I have) and the desire to do further study as a Masters of Intellectual Property for 3 years before qualifying, which is paid for by the firm.
    I've had a read around whats required and it still looks interesting, but I'd like to get some opinions from people who've been through/going through it