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Who's got their machinery tickets?

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  • Who's got their machinery tickets?

    As per title anyone got their tickets?

    And who would you recommend for training

    Need to do the following

    HR Truck,

    Would like to also do

    Front end loader
    Truck crane loader

    I can find plenty of places in Perth that do them, looking for recommended trainers like we do with the M/C instructors

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    I can reccomend keen bros for the HR. Id di a few lessons with them, i liked them because not all their fleet is brand new.

    You learn to drive older trucks which i prefer.
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      I got my heavy rigid about four weeks ago. Not that I drive trucks - it was half for fun and half for a backstop which could help me get work if I ever need it. One day course/test on a manual gearbox. Crashbox course/test takes two days.
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        I got my HC interstate so cannot help with recomendations, however if your tossing up getting auto or syncro ticket, dont bother. Roadranger is easy and will look much better to future employer (iI assume thats why your getting it)


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          I really can't see why anyone would bother getting an auto or syncro box heavy vehicle license if they actually plan on using it.

          Whilst the easy boxes are becoming more and more prolific, you're really shoe-horning yourself and limiting options for employment. There is nothing worse than someone who can't drive this or that because of minor technicalities. Definitely take the extra time to learn a road is not that hard. Get the real license the first time.
          Originally posted by tank-wombat
          Geoff seems like a wise man who's soul will slowly be destroyed by the stupidity of some people
          TRX 850.


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            I got my hr synchro with wrightway, only because all the service trucks and machinery are automatic even centurions prime movers are now going auto. I got my loader ticket with rms, I was in a class of 4 which was good.
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              I used wrightway back in March to get HR open and found they were great to deal with
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                Did my HR through wrightways about 4 yrs ago.. chose to do it in the truck with the road ranger box as I had never used one and thought I should learn. What that did was meant it took about 10 or 12 lessions to get to the point of being comp to pass the test.. if I was just wanting it for non road ranger vehicles then I reckon it would have only taken a couple of lessions for them to teach whats looked at by the assessors, as well as get a feel for the length of the truck..
                Have only used it once to rent from WA truck rentals to move house.. but still useful to have down the track..
                Point being if you dont need road ranger box skills save money and learn in the other.
                They were about $125 an hour back then..


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                  Ge0ff.. is there a differance as in what your allowed to drive, or is it just what you can actuaaly drive.. just curious.. I thought the same as what you said hence went the harder.. but as I never used it would need to relearn.. so could of done it cheaper if there is no difference on paper.. eg people wanting it for dump trucks etc..


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                    Depends on what your plans are.

                    Once road ranger is done you don't have to do it again. Aka when I go for my HC or MC next year I can use a auto truck.
                    Every one has a story.....



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                      Ok.. so now I have the road ranger I could do HC & MC in an auto?


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                        Yep yep. Once you've proven you can drive a road ranger that's it
                        Every one has a story.....



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                          It all seems too hard these days - ticket in this...ticket in that...I guess coming from a farming and contracting background we just learnt how to operate all the machinery as a matter of course tractors, backhoes, scrapers etc- no tickets involved (other than a heavy truck license). When I went for my Truck license (in NZ), (at 18) I drove down to the local council office in a Ford County tractor, with full bush cage and set up for towing a scraper - couldn't take the truck down - the old man had to do that. The traffic cop took one look at the tractor and said - I guess you'll be wanting a special wheeled vehicle license as well, and wrote out endorsements for F,(Forklift),R (special vehicle - rollers) & W (special wheeled vehicle of any weight(combined with a class 4 -same as HR over here)......times where easier then.......
                          Mind you, I guess I'd be fucked if I wanted a job driving any machinery here these official scraps of paper saying I can.
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                            Did my MC with Keen Bros down in Maddington a few years ago. Already had class 5 ( B double ) from NZ, but the DPI will only convert that to an HC licence over here. Keen Bros instructors were good, didn't rush you, explained everything very well, no stress, reasonable trucks. I'd recommend them to anyone.

                            Just did bobcat and front end loader with RMS at Joondalup. I was the only person on the course both times. Sit in classroom for hours being told about locking out and tagging out and other general bullshit, only about half the theory really had anything to do with the actual machine. I told them I'm already in mining and know all this shit, but got it all fed to me anyway. I guess they have to pad the day out somehow. Practical time, was 45 minutes in bobcat, 1 hour in front end loader. All I did was pick up dirt from one heap and drive 20 metres and put it on the other heap, then back-blade the ground smooth. No loading trucks or anything. Was out of there at 1:30pm both days ( full day course ). I was pretty disgusted with the whole thing, how the hell can they teach you how to use a machine safely, confidently, and effectively, and give you a national ticket, in 45 minutes? So now I've got 2 tickets, but I'd struggle initially if I ever got a job to use them. I've got a forklift ticket and am fairly good at picking up this stuff quickly, but not everyone else is. Fucken bullshit in my book, and I won't be going back to RMS in the future, I'll go elsewhere.


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                              Thanks guys,

                              So I've got Wrightway or Keenbros for the HR - I would only do open license as I'm not one for restrictions or wanting a restricted license.

                              and RMS for the FEL ticket,

                              It is annoying as everything has to be ticketed operator but isn't the same as what we call for on our roads? we ask for VOC'd car drivers, re-testing and all that?

                              I'm lucky that I have access to a Backhoe, Excavator, and MR truck (Syncro box so not good for learning). and its partly for fun, partly for being able to use the machines for work when on R&R legally.

                              but as SPman said those official scraps of paper are needed. I spent the last day taking the timing belt off the missus car, changed the water pump and thermostat, But without the paper saying i can do it then I can't do it as a job...

                              Edit: Maybe avoid RMS joondalup then after D996Rs experience.
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