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OFWTK Who Was The First PSBer You Met Face To Face.

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  • OFWTK Who Was The First PSBer You Met Face To Face.

    Simple question, who did you first meet face to face on here and how did their online presence differ from that meeting?

    I honestly can't remember if it was [MENTION=5329]Barfridge[/MENTION] or [MENTION=11167]Rat750[/MENTION],

    Both Queenslanders, so I guess I'm just unlucky.

    Off you go...
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    Gryphen - we used to work together and he introduced me to PSB back in2005. Blame him
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      Ahh bugger. Wish I could remember his username but my memory is crap. I THINK it could been Bendito??

      He drove all the way to Mandurah for me to try on his Technic jacket that I still wear today.

      Thoroughly nice bloke.
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        Stoneville on a slow and easy ride


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          Rest in Peace
          Brother Ryad


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            Took me for my first ever time out on my bike. You were a champ cam.
            Originally posted by DailyBanana
            That little girl likes her pizza more than you like people


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              [MENTION=5183]TurboR1[/MENTION].. Rocked up to one of his rides (IIRC) on my RS125 in jeans and jumper.. I thought we were seriously just going to get ice cream, didn't realize PSB rides always meant twisties First time I've been called a squid as well!

              Other memory from that night is him overtaking me on the Canning Hwy/Kwinana FWY North on ramp with his knee down covering me in sparks! hahaha.. Good times!


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                [MENTION=36238]BeczZ[/MENTION] Bought her gear off her Hadn't seen much of her online before I met her, but we'd private messaged and she had told me she'd been warned to be nice so I was expecting a complete b***h but furthest thing from it. I adore her


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                  [MENTION=17857]Skut[/MENTION] pay it forward. Really nice guy.


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                    [MENTION=31005]Rolldee[/MENTION] - Hadn't really noticed him on the forum but have known him for over a year now and many great times have been had!

                    P.S Hurry up and buy a bike


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                      DJ and Graelin in the days of PSB/ Melville Riders.


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                        I sold him a broken RGV

                        Really nice bloke
                        Originally posted by Ryanoceros
                        How many bikes can you buy today that have an otto cycle motor?


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                          My memory of those days is hazy, but I think [MENTION=5329]Barfridge[/MENTION] (a day or so after I let someone use my face as a punching bag!) or it may have been Sootie (not sure if on here anymore) who was one of the first to offer a shadow - I first heard the dug-dug-dug of a Harley pulling into my drive and looked out to see a guy on a V-Rod with cargo pants, t-shirt, shades, and a beanie.

                          "Oh fuck," I thought.

                          Turned out like riding with an instructor - awesome roadcraft and traffic awareness and great advice.


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                            Really can't remember who I met first.
                            Knew a couple of people who were members before I joined. My dad (Rizzo) was already on here, but he's hardly been seen since

                            Was shadowed by a few guys when I first started attending rides on my R-class learners. Spook took me on quite a pacey country run where I met marvin, and PlayDoh also shadowed me for a country run around the same time. Max Power was one of my first mates too.

                            Fairly sure the first bloke I got to know properly was [MENTION=9744]t bone[/MENTION] though, when he came to shadow me a couple of times.
                            Remember him saying that you should try and meet at least one new person at every ride and event you go to, and before long you'll know a tonne of cool people.
                            Turned out to be solid advice, and now I'm never short of riding companions!


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                              Definitely remember spotting TurboR1 on the way back from getting my noob RE license though. Coming back from Midland DPI, Roe Hwy, just near the turnoff onto Gt Eastern. Black R1, red headlights pointing towards the sky coming the other direction

                              [MENTION=8291]Biggles[/MENTION] - was it RGV #1 or RGV #2 for Desmo? Either way, i probably have both of them in my garage
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