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    Hiya Folks,

    I'm after a RC Copter (either Quad or Heli) as a pressie for 12 yr old.

    As I'm poor budget is $50 max.

    Where in Perth can I go. Dont want to Ebay

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    Stanbridges Hobby Shop

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      Dick Smith have android operated little counter helis, slightly more than ur budget, but i was given one of these android ones the other day, and they are incredibly stable. Would be a brilliant first rc heli.

      Remote Control Helicopter at Dick Smith
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        Dick Smith have co-axial (counter rotating blades) that are built into a plastic grid dome structure and looks like a ball. I think they call it the UFO, cant tell you because the 2 I bought are wrapped pressies now.

        No damage, nearly indestructible for beginnersl

        3 channel sucks if you want to grow into 4 chan full collective pitch as you will get bad habits from this style of heli. But perfect for a kiddie hack who has no intention of growing into full club spec heli flying.

        Retails for $50.

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          I have just ordered one of these Syma X1 Series 2.4G RC BumbleBee UFO SpaceCraft Mini Quad-copter Free Shipping! - US$37.99

          can be had on Gumtree for $75 but you'll save a few bucks if you can wait a few weeks
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            Jaycar also have a few as well. Both 3 channel and 4 channel. I'd go 4 channel as its heaps easier to control even for a beginners. I've flown RC helis for a few years now and the small ones are still great fun indoors.