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What kind of egg is this?

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  • What kind of egg is this?

    Found some eggs about 300mm inside a large mulch pile which is close to a lake.
    They were where the leaves etc were quite moist and not warm at all... the eggs themselves felt quite cool to touch, elongated and about 30mm x 20mm.
    The pile was being removed so I have one at home and have tried to replicate where I found it.
    I'm thinking reptillian??

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    Originally posted by Canada
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      Could be a native feral chicken.

      Or some other form of protected fauna. Tortoise or water bird?


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        That's an unhatched egg. Judging by the photo I would say that is was recently laid by a Vernier caliper.
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          Kinder surprise egg, you won't know what you get til it hatches...
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            reptile eggs are softer like leather
            bird eggs are hard
            Note: this may not be the universe where the above is relevant.


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              long neck turtle, grew up around western suburban lakes , we used to keep and eye on them, and if we were lucky we got to watch them hatching

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                firstly, what were you doing shoving something 300mm in a large mulch pile near a lake???
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                  The scambilable kind.
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                    300mm or 30mm?

                    300mm is a foot long.
                    massive bloody egg...

                    EDIT - just realised you meant they were found 300mm inside the pile.


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                      Two things to note:

                      a) Some eggs need to be not disturbed (rolled or rotated) as it can kill the embryo inside it. Example a fertilized chicken egg, days 1-18 is ok.....after that a No. The oil from your skin can block the pores in the shell, so make sure you wash your hands first.
                      b) ANY eggs found Could potentially be from a Protected Species of Bird or Reptile.....the Fines are Very Hefty ($4000). Safe to assume that from the OP, you found them on your property (I hope), they are newly Laid (by the colour) but they aren't from a if your near a Lake, it could be a Tortoise OR worst still a SNAKE. Put a LED torch under one to Silhouette it, you might get a better idea.....and good luck if it's a Snake.
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                        dinosaur egg.
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                          unhelpful comment.

                          edit: i mean my comment is unhelpful.
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                            funny though.
                            lighten up.


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                              any ducks in the lake?
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