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ALWTK: woodpanels:where to buy

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  • ALWTK: woodpanels:where to buy

    ok, probably one of the more random questions on here but hoping maybe some wood workers/carpenters may be able to help.

    Looking for some wood panels for taxidermy work. These are readily available in the USA but to get them shipped here is about $50 worth of postage.
    Was wondering if anyone knew of something similar, or where to buy it?

    Thinking maybe trophy shops or something like that? Just not to sure to be honest.$%28KGrHqEOKpYFIs7fSD3CBSPzp4QZR!~~60_57.JPG$_12.JPG

    Ive seen some MDF plaques in the craft shops but they are just too thin and wanted something finished.

    and yes, before you guys say anything, they are quite easy to make, and i could make them. But only having a week home after being on site the other two weeks, well, I'd honestly just rather pay for it.

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    Speak to a carpenter/cabinet shop. Wood is easily available through bunnings etc, and then they could just cut them to size and router the edges to suit, leaving you to stain/lacquer them in a colour of your choice.
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      Originally posted by BlackFZR View Post
      Wood is easily available through bunnings etc,
      Substance that is reported to be wood for carpentry but looks more like firewood is available at Bunnings, Have you considered a trophy shop?
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        Your easiest option would be a trophy shop Rachel. They will even be able to organise any custom sizes / shapes that you want.
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