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    Our car is out of action until next Monday thus need a car for the next a few days for essential family stuff (e.g. shopping, medical appointments, geeting to kids parties, dinner function over the weekend).

    Other than Baysawater Car Hire approx $30-$35 per day, any other recomendations? Preferbly a 4 cylinder auto for the missus to drive.

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    Cheaper than $30-35 a day?

    I have a Datto 180B auto you can rent off me for $20/day if you like


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      Cheapy car rentals in great eastern highway Belmont. Used them when I first got here. $20 and upwards a day. Pretty shirty cars though. Old Hyundai accents and the like.

      I paid about $150 a week about 2 years ago.


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        Northside Rentals, there is one in Malaga and one across the road from Maccas in Ascot. They are $25 a day.
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          The thing that shits me with most rental places is the price they advertise is rarely the price your going to pay unless you meet all their conditions.

          If your under 25 I think the young driver excess charge per day is almost as much as the rental fee, almost doubling your rental price.


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            All sorted and thanks for your assistance. One car company wanted $186 for 3 days plus $400 Bond Money.
            I have noted of the other 2 cheaper car rental companies as we have 5 relatives staying at our house for 2 weeks in the coming months, so will definitely need to hire a decent car to show them around around. Happy riding.


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              These guys are pretty good - Mum hired a car from them last year.

              Cheap, cleans cars - easy to book and organise.

              Cheap small hire cars - Cottesloe Car & Ute Hire
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                get on they are the best site i have come across but as Haggis said, Cheapy near the airport is cheap but so are the cars
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                  There is also rent a wreck in Freo somewhere, might not be so much what you are after though.
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