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DBWTK - 89 GSXR 400 any good?

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  • DBWTK - 89 GSXR 400 any good?

    I have a friend of a friend who has an 89 GSXR 400 that I trust is mechanically sound. If I will buy it it will be much cheaper that ANYTHNIG I can find else where.
    What do you guys think for a bunky, at least till I can get back on my feet and buy my CBR back... from the same bloke?
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    Can't be too fussy with a bunky - if it's got 2 wheels and gears then it's a motorbike and if it won't fall apart 5 mins down the road and will tide you over til you buy you CBR then I'd say go for it. None of us can give you a guarantee that it's mechanically sound though and the right bike for you.


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      Yeah, that's pretty much what I was thinking. It roadworthy and I can get it cheap, that about all the criteria for bunky. My question was mostly around reliability given it's age; I.E any known flaws to look for, when the timing chain should have been done, stuff like that. If I can keep riding for as long as needed it sounds like I can't go wrong. If I have to rebuild it next week I'm better off in the cage.
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        I'd steer clear for a bunky.


        Lots of carbs. Lots of valves. Lots of pistons. Not sold locally (?) = no aussie (possibly no English) service manual. You may need to learn Japanese to read the service manual, or rely on Google. May be awkward to get spare parts.

        If it's mechanically A1 then there's no problem - but I wouldn't trust a 1989 4 cylinder sports bike sold for peanuts to meet that criteria.

        It may be fine. If it is, it will be a tops little bike. If not, it will be a money pit.
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          GSXR 400s were brought in to Australia in small numbers. Not a huge amount but if you do some digging you can find spares here and there. It is hard though. It is possible to find English manuals.

          The earlier GSXR series is known for running rich and the carbs can be a prick (also in findind parts too), so be aware.

          They are a fun little bike.
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            If its any help, you can probably find loads of parts and help across the ditch in NZ. Back in the day these were relatively common, along with CBR, ZXR, VFR etc. Try "here" to start


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              Check the date codes on the tyres, and the condition of the brake lines. Rust/leaks on the forks and so on.
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                I like them alot.
                Shoehorn a 750 in and your laughing.
                Seriously though cool bike if its in good nick