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SWTK - Chest hair - cool or not?

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  • SWTK - Chest hair - cool or not?

    We have a facial hair thread, which does pretty come down to choice for most of the male gender - and a modicum of effort in exercising how that presents. This one comes down to what you are genetically graced/cursed with unless you are prepared for a world of pain.

    So let's see how the current demographic here feels about a broader brush?

    And for the more hirsute gents - would you wax for bare-chested appearance?

    Edit: I tried to make it a shits and giggles poll ....
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    Im rocking the hairy chest.

    Would never wax it for manly reasons. Mainly it would hurt like hell ( and there may be tears) and my lady likes it ( i think ).

    I count myself lucky i dont have the hairy shoulders like my old man.

    Or hobbit feet.
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      Chicks love shiny pecks mate.

      But unless your blessed with the hairless chest genes, I dont think its cool to shave it or wax it.
      Its all good on Ducati's


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        I have a luscious chest mane.

        However, my body hair is sorta blonde and fine so it isn't actually as full on in appearance.

        I did wax it once when I did some pictures for a website (not what you're thinking) and I can concur it fucking hurts. That said, the girl I was floozying about with at the time loved it. My skin, not so much.


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          Originally posted by Gippo View Post
          Chicks love shiny pecks mate.

          But unless your blessed with the hairless chest genes, I dont think its cool to shave it or wax it.

          And this my friend is me..... lol

          I only started getting pubes a few years ago....hahahahha

          The trick is I focus on my power on the hair on my head and so far its going well, and every now and then I get a thick black hair and I just pluck it out....

 - - -


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            Thread is useless without photos of said hairy chests. No homo.

            So on the eight day, after wasting time faffing about with unimportant guff like heaven & earth & the waters & sky & creatures [& having a wee kip] & man.... God created PSB (GenesiSX-R1000)


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              I waxed my chest once for a laugh. It bled.

              Unexpectedly, squeeze at the time called me a ponce and asked if i'd be waxing my eyebrows next.

              Now - i'll clip it if it gets a little too plush pile.


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                I do not for one second give a Fuck about cool , fashion being hip or any outher persons opinion.
                I AM MAN

                Today I will go ride my bike , stop at my local pub , drink beer perv on the teenage bar wench swear when I want .

                then go home and make dinner for the family
                REPENT MOTHER FUCKER
                (anarchy in english )


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                  Originally not a fan of chest hair but a partner had a luxurious mat, which while it surprised me at the time, I grew to like. So chest hair is ok with me


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                    Gippo is a wog with no chest hair at all.

                    Chicks seriously love it. How many times I've had random chicks put their hand down my chest to feel for stubble then be shocked that its natural.

                    Kinda looks strange with a full face beard as it stops mid way down my neck but meh....
                    Its all good on Ducati's


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                      Originally posted by Maxo View Post
                      I waxed my chest once for a laugh. It bled.
                      I waxed my chest once. It wasn't a laugh.
                      Men have chest hair, boys and Asians don't.


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                        I'll check back when we start talking about pubes.
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                          Thought it would be safe to just trim/tidy a few weeks ago...

                          Itched like fucking crazy for over a week.

                          My chest, that is


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                            Originally posted by Desmo View Post
                            Men have chest hair, boys and Asians don't.
                            does nipple hair count?
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                              Yum...chest hair good...

                              Back hair and shoulder hair not so good....

                              Nipple hair a bit sad...

                              I'd love to see some photos guys haha
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