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  • buying a bike from a shop...

    so.....after 20years in the disease control/AOD sector I've recently had a change, and I'm now selling bikes for a a shop who will remain unnamed because I'm not spruiking for business as such....when I do I will do the right thing and pay professional PSB subs....however....I digress....I would like to know how a bike sales person can detract or enhance the bike buying experience?

    I am resisting the standard sales techniques, but I need an alterative....what could I do to make the difference?
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    Especially with second hand bikes...


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      Don't bad mouth other shops, sell yours


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        Know your facts about the gear you're selling & be able to tell someone with a basic interest on a particular bike a couple of interesting details and for what kind of riding this bike would be best... Also be honest about up keeping cost like service intervals and typical cost for those.


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          Try to remember who I am when I come back to the store 2 days later to buy a helmet. If the 'relationship' only lasted until the big cheque was handed over, it works both ways. You'd think bike shops would offer LAMS customers something special to win their repeat business in 12 months time... I kinda felt the buying experience just taught me to not go back to the same place... *shrug*


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            Are you selling protective gear? A size chart and tape measure in your pocket wouldn't be a wasted effort, sick of being told that's how it's supposed to fit turns out the crippling headaches are from wearing a helmet a size too small not my bad neck so I don't need a helmet exemption after all
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              Firstly - make sure you give me a huge discount.

              Secondly - make sure you are selling Trumpies

              OK, I got nothing, but just wanted to wish you good luck with the new venture.
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                Bikes sell themselves.

                Buyers purchase from sellers they like.

                Just be friendly and honest.
                If the above doesnt work, gender reasignment. Women are natural sales(wo)men


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                  offer a 30% discount across the board for all PSB members...... Gear AND bikes...
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                    And make sure the bikes are clean...too often they are dirty and/or dusty and look a bit old and sad.

                    I for one love shiney things so get polishing
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                      Originally posted by s1mon View Post
                      Bikes sell themselves.

                      Buyers purchase from sellers they like.

                      Just be friendly and honest.
                      That's it, right there. Be helpful, friendly and honest.

                      Bonus points if you can tell a buyer something along the lines of "this bike is a 2006 R6, which means it was an almost completely new bike from the 2005 and has the 'ride by wire' technology" - because it'll show that you're the person that knows your stuff, knows why the bike is a good deal, and differentiates the bike from others, helping your sale.

                      Hand out business cards like there's no tomorrow, follow through with the things you say you're going to do, divulge a bit about yourself (when appropriate, and not your personal problems) to relate to the customer so it's easier for you both to remember each other.

                      Oh, and introduce yourself with a handshake while looking the person in the eye! You probably already know most of this stuff, as many people do, it's a matter of doing it even when you aren't confident and have a few conflicting priorites.
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                        To sum up what everyone has said above, be a no bullshit seller.
                        At the end of the day, I'd much rather deal with someone who is above board and honest about their products than someone who appears to be offering the lowest prices and selling polished turds. This is what will get your repeat customers


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                          If I buy a new bike from you then ask if there are any alternative Pillion pegs, please look into it instead of just saying no because the sales made and it seems to much effort. That is a real example from Kwaka dealership.


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                            I quite often will pay more and shop somewhere I've been before that had good service.

                            * Make sure you do what you say. If you say you're going to call, make sure you do.
                            * If you don't know something, say you don't know. (Even better if you say, I don't know but will find out and let you know, then actually find out and let them know).
                            * Don't lie, most times I already know the answer to the question...
                            * Don't blow smoke up my ass, gives me the shits like nothing else.
                            * Don't feint interest, also gives me the shits.

                            In general, be honest, genuine, reliable.

                            I'll be in the market for a new bike sometime, so yeah PSB discounts lol
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                              Ask questions.
                              talk with rather than talk TO
                              respond rather than TELL
                              LISTEN to the client

                              They sound simple but sometimes people get caught up in spruiking their own agenda, like sales targets, instead of getting the buyer talking about what they want.