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What is the meaning of life?

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  • What is the meaning of life?

    Hi all,

    I'm feeling contemplative.
    I could tell you what I think, but that might skew your responses.

    So, what is the meaning of life?

    If you keep trying to explain it with logic and facts you will possibly end up hurting your sanity.

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    In the words of the great philosopher, Biggie...

    "Fuck bitches, get money."


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      Its a great movie from monty python. Always look on the bright side of life
      Always look on the bright side of deaf, jus before you draw your terminal breaf
      ...and as I sailed through the air in slow motion , my life flashed before my eyes , and I found myself completely bored


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        Make it a mupapultal choush quis i an abit pissed thanks


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            "Try and be nice to people, avoid eating fat, read a good book every now and then, get some walking in, and try and live together in peace and harmony with people of all creeds and nations" - Narrator, Meaning of Life. Monty Python.

            Just about covers it.
            They hung a sign up in our town "If you live it up, you won't live it down"-Tom Waits


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              To endure.
              To love
              And share happiness
              To prepare
              To live in the moment
              Enjoy the moment
              Try not to Kill anyone
              Have fun


              Leave anyone else to add or put words around.

              - - - Updated - - -

              Sorry - forgot my English heritage.

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              Whinge about the weather
              You can't *burrrp* can't just post, just post anything you feel like morty, you just *burrp* just end up *burrp* end up hurting people's feelings morty I mean how, how would you like it if I said things that offended you morty?


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                Different things to everybody I guess.
                You only get one shot at it so mine is to make the most of the time you have and don't get bogged down with worrying about the future.
                No bastard knows what the future holds so why worry about it.
                We are so lucky in this country, nobody starves to death or suffers major health epidemics.
                Ask the same question in Syria or wherever else it's kicking off now and you will probably get a completely different answer.
                Oh and from memory the meaning of life was 4.
                Or was it a fish?

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                  I honestly believe there IS no meaning to life. It's a series of coincidences that has resulted in what we know as consciousness. We spend so long looking for, needing a meaning that we sail through it without having really lived. That doesn't make it less special but it is the reason why I've decided to focus on just enjoying the coincidence. Humans can't comprehend the meaning of 'nothingness' because of the very fact that we are concious.. I need to stop drinking..


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                    Thats the only question in life.... you have to answer yourself.

                    Nobody can do it for you.
                    Do it


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                      Do unto others as you'd have done unto you, unless you're a psychopath with peculiar fetishes. In which case best get consent first.

                      To quote a famous marketing campaign, "Be all you can be."

                      Leave a legacy, try and do good and live a life that is good and makes you feel content. Not necessarily happy, but content. You can't be happy all the time. If you are I suggest seeing a psych as you may well be the walking un-diagnosed.
                      Originally posted by Abuse this
                      Get a load of this pussy, he wouldn't travel back in time to murder a baby.


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                        We are born with nothing are Toothless.. Helpless and Poop and wee ourselves...

                        Hopefully along the way as we gather more and have excess of things ...

                        Be it material, emotional or knowledgeable.

                        We share, care about, help and look after those who matter and are less fortunate than us.

                        Whether they be related or complete strangers.Strangers are just friends we haven't met yet.

                        So that when we become Toothless, helpless and poop and wee ourselves again

                        Some one will care enough to return the favour.

                        When I cark it, I want to be able to feel I have contributed to the bettering of the people I leave behind.

                        The End
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                        Isn't always what you get


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                              The condition that distinguishes animals and plants from inorganic matter, including the capacity for growth, reproduction, functional activity, and continual change preceding death.

                              The last four words are on the money.