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LWTK - How to be Vindictive from Afar

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  • LWTK - How to be Vindictive from Afar

    It's mutha-fucking story time.

    In February a collection of cars was advertised in Sydney. I wanted one of them so I contacted the seller. Good ol' Loud isn't a complete idiot and so made sure I put something in writing to him before spending any money.

    The agreement went something like this:
    -I pay the seller a refundable deposit on the car, so he holds the car for me.
    -I then pay for flights to see the car.
    -If the car checks out as advertised then we agree on a price and he keeps the deposit.

    He agrees. And so I transfer the money, purchase the flights, fly to Sydney and view the car. Come back to Perth, we discuss the price over the next few days and agree upon an amount. He wanted to swap the exhaust with another car, no problems I say.

    For those intimately familiar with contract law, has there not been an offer, acceptance, and consideration paid in this process? Methinks undoubtedly yes.

    Then shit heads south.

    He stops returning my calls. When I do catch him he stalls and says the weather hasn't been good, the mechanic is too busy, etc. This goes on for weeks. My parents go to Sydney and I ask them/him if they can view the car while they're there - he doesn't reply for the duration of their stay. At this stage I know the car won't be mine and that he's fucked me over.

    I email him and offer to involve the local car clubs in the search of someone who can swap the exhaust, suggesting that they'll be able to find a mechanic with the skill and time to do the job. Of course he doesn't want this as his reputation is on the line and so he makes up a story about the car being damaged while at his mechanic.

    Perfect, now I've put him in a corner. I email him again and say how fortunate it is that I'm an experienced Claims Manager with the Royal Automobile Club of Western Australia, can he send me the photos so I can assess the damage. Of course he's most likely sold the car to someone else and no reply is received.

    Lots of unanswered calls later and it's mid April, nearly two months have passed. Lo and behold there's an advertisment on Gumtree from him, advertising a second collection of different cars.

    Being vindictive in nature I copy the photos of the cars and put up an advertisment of my own, warning buyers of dealing with the seller. I state facts only, ones that can easily be supported with evidence. Suddenly I'm overwhelmed with calls from the seller, and I ignore them all to make him sweat a while - also I'm pretty fucking unhappy about having to deal with him further. Meanwhile I hear from other people who have dealt with him, including one who flew up to see him and arrange the purchase of another car. But the seller stalls, the person departs, and when the buyer gets back in touch the seller has increased the price of the car due to "extensive interest".

    The guy basically plays games in order to maximise his sale price. Which is a dick move, but with me he's actually broken a contract.

    He sends a text saying that he wishes to refund the deposit and end the "extremely protracted" situation. I write a reply stating that I don't wish to speak with him verbally, it all needs to be via text or email, and that I want the cost of flights also as I'm out of pocket from him withdrawing the vehicle from sale and therefore breaching our contract. I get a lengthy reply about removing the Gumtree ad or face his "legal team" (lol) and prosecution for defamation. My reply includes a winky face, because that's how I roll.

    He has actually sent the deposit back. But I'm still out of pocket for $1,000 (plus lost earnings and whatever else I can think to add to a claim ). And he must have reported the advert and had it removed.

    Now when someone does the wrong thing by me I go to war. I just don't know how else to be, and fucked if I'm going to change. PSB, I'd like your help in coming up with ways to fuck him right back. Please note that I wish to stay within the law. What I'd love are for ways to make his life generally less-fun than it currently is.

    He's an egotistical prick. He's in his mid-40s to early 50s and has a family. He wears a nice suit, is very well spoken, is of Greek decent, is an ex-accountant and current self-funded property developer, and speaks about his Ferarri, success and classic cars for as long as you can bear to listen. He has his silvery hair in a god-damn 80s stockbroker ponytail. I know the address of one of his investment properties where he keeps some of his cars. I know his bank account details and email address.

    My current plan includes running a very well worded new advertisment on Gumtree, to prevent him from selling his thousands of dollars worth of cars easily in the near future. It's done in such a way as to identify and link him to his actions, while posing as a legitimate advertisment. I'm feeling pretty fucking satisfied with it, it's a work of art and I'm fairly confident it'll stay up.

    Aside from telling me to chillax, what else have you got?

    Can I sign up his email and phone number to spam?
    Do I need his residential address to commence legal action?
    Have you got a decent lawyer that I can speak with to see what I can do legally?

    Love and Peace,

    Vengeful Loud
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    fly to sydney and fill his retic piping with roundup

    hire a hooker to seduce him and set up camera

    have a truck load of manure dumped on his driveway (pay extra for the driveway)


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      got links to gumtree ads for giggles?


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        My inner bitch...oh, ok and my outer extremely impressed already.
        Always be yourself. Unless you can be a unicorn. Then always be a unicorn.


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          I am impressed by the articulate, law abiding nature of your vengefulness.
          This guy is screwed!!
          Life's short, stay close to the things that make you happy!!


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            It is going to take infinitely more time and money than it is worth to try and hit him up for flights, cost etc etc.
            You're never realistically going to get the money back for that aspect and even legally you'll be on shaky ground - I wouldn't bother and would just skip straight to the 'making life hell' part.

            I would be signing him up to every Amway, Tupperware, Thermomix and any other multi-level-marketing type thing that has fairly aggressive sales tactics.
            Then the same for all of those property development seminars, 'make cash fast' classes and investment schemes you can find.
            Sign his phone number up for just about everything you possibly can.
            Add his e-mail address to nearly every online newsletter and sales page you can.

            Then call it quits and get over it.


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              OR..... Post a GST/Cash/Capital Gains query with the ATO....suggesting he may or may not be avoiding ...any/all forms of tax..?

              And let them deal with him...
              " Imagination is the seed of life..."


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                A couple of points
                1. you don't need his residential address to start legal action against him.
                2. Sign him up to whatever email lists you feel he may need. Because he signed up off his own free will it should not end in his spam box. Remember to keep joining new ones as he will likely unsubscribe to things as it goes.
                3. Make sure you enjoy yourself while fucking him as it's likely that it's the only resolution you're going to get.

                Looking forward to hearing more about this.


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                  The only other thing I can think of is that if he is selling plenty of cars then he may actually go beyond the maximum number and require a dealer license or similar.


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                      i guy in his 40 50's with a pony tail should be severely dealt with.........


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                        Whilst revenge or vindictive actions may bring an element of satisfaction in the knowledge that justice may have been served, be aware and you may already know that you will be no better than the scumrag that wronged you.

                        Is that what you really want?
                        Its all good on Ducati's


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                          Originally posted by Gippo View Post
                          Whilst revenge or vindictive actions may bring an element of satisfaction in the knowledge that justice may have been served, be aware and you may already know that you will be no better than the scumrag that wronged you.

                          Is that what you really want?
                          Pretty sure it is
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                            Originally posted by Kristy View Post
                            The greatest excitement comes from besting who you were yesterday.


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                              Step 1: post your intentions on a public forum.
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