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GTWTK Gearing for chain drive.

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  • GTWTK Gearing for chain drive.

    I have an older bike, an Evolution Harley with chain drive it's getting refurbished and is getting new chain and sprockets too.
    The existing rear chain has a 22 tooth gearbox sprocket and a 45 rear wheel sprocket. The 22 tooth gearbox sprocket is no longer available and I have chosen a 24 tooth to replace it.
    What should I use on the rear wheel sprocket to get a similar gearing?
    Can anybody post the formula for working the gearing?
    The gear ratios are as follows;

    Additionally I be curious to know more about gearing calculation.
    How can I calculate a top speed at 7,000 RPM, or what gearing would I need to to give a top speed of 200 Km/H at 7,000 RPM. This is with the 24tooth gearbox sprocket and the as yet unknown rear wheel sprocket size.

    Further more I'd like to calculate what RPM the bike was doing at 220Km/H in 4th gear and 22 tooth gearbox sprocket and 45 rear wheel sprocket? I'd like to know this so I can extrapolate the likely top speed in 5th gear. Yes a Harley can be made to go quite quick...
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      As above ^

      but you'll probably end up about +6 on the rear to match what you have.

      If that's not available or not the result you expected then try available combinations on gearing commander
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        Or get a custom made sprocket.
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        Aprilia RS250
        1985 GSXR750 "Slabbie"