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  • Mobile BMW leccy

    so the time has come to finally try & fix my E38 7 series, thing has been in my way eating up rego for past 7 months

    was driving around fine thinking i was albanian marfia one second, gear box limp mode pulled over to turn it off & back on which would usually reset such problems and never went again the next

    being such a huge fucking car it is a pain to trailer it here there & every where, especially when it doesn't start

    anyone got the hook ups for a Mobile BMW electrician (they need to know BMW's, lubemobile had no clue)

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    I'm assuming you've checked all the easy stuff?

    Every fuse - remove, check with multimeter and re-instate.

    Check every switch, particularly in the gearbox, this should be possible by moving the gear lever and seeing the corresponding display on the dash.

    Simple shit can cause big problems but you can save lots of money.
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      When it comes to these things. Don’t be a tight ass and get lube mobile. Pay someone who knows about them to fix it properly.

      I used to have a one and being a tight ass with one of these only costs you more in the long run.


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        yeah i have been though it about 3 times, you find something new each time its just a maze of wires & hubs and i never really paid attention when my dad tried to teach me about electronics

        trying a new starter switch this week

        it could be the gear lever switch but i have had enough of the thing & wanted a expert to hopefully direct me to the problem


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          The US is full of car forums. Every car and model is covered.

          The Yanks are all about fixing their own stuff.

          Find a relevant US forum and someone will have a solution.

          I still can't believe how many separate forums they have for Toyota Priuses. FFS.
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            BM forums have been a godsend to me from time to time. Guarantee someone has a fix, but there's usually 5 different problems causing the same error message so figuring out which one you have is the hard part.

            For things I can't fix myself I take it to BM Techniks in Baysie. The folks there a fucking awesome.


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