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SWTK What was your frst vehicle.

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    82 Sierra. Awesome little box of fun with the 0.97 litre 4 stroke powerhouse. The roof supports had completely rusted away so when driving to tech from Port to South Hedland the salt trucks would blow past and the whole roof would collapse in. Getting over the old rail line overpass would entirely depend on the strength of the tailwind.

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      '74 straight 6 XB falcon, fucked valve lifters, wants to take me into ditch when I take my hands off the steering wheel, consumed engine oil with a vengeance.

      Still saw most of WA with it after I fixed the lifters & suspension.


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        1978 Toyota Crown Super Saloon like this vvvv one

        The good: Luxurious as fuck, velour seats, deep metallic blue paint, power steering, power brakes, power windows all round, central locking, front aircon PLUS a rear aircon/dehumidifier behind the rear seat, smooth shifting T-bar auto and smooth running straight six

        The bad: Anaemic 2600cc straight six that combined with the smooth but sluggish auto box and heavy full chassis meant even being shifted manually it struggled to out accelerate a moped Plus a million hoses and dash pots on the emission system that needed a degree to work out how they connected to every fucking thing under the bonnet and a tendency to badly rust around the rear window/boot area

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        Originally posted by Phildo
        Noted. We'll check back on that one in three years
        Originally posted by filbert
        i'll pretend you didn't know she was 13

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          Bought a 1967 Valiant V.C. For $100 , it’s had straight slant six ,column shift three speed,steel Venetians in the rear window,an steel sun visor up front ,bench seats,ina beige colour, in pretty good condition, great to work on ,I think a still have the workshop manual somewhere,fuel was 34 cents back in 1979 I think of memory,,,,,,, but could only afford on weekends, Drives to Margs an Lancelin.even the back tracks to wedge island.


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            BSA Bantam. My freedom machine licensed at 15years old so look out world here I come. Flat out lying on the tank maybe 70 kph. Angry Moaris chasing me on foot were gaining until I hit third, top gear. Spokes could not stay in back wheel when wheels standing. Learnt about wiskerd plugs, decoke head, put a megaphone exhaust that only alienated villagers.

            To make it legal a chrome push bike bulb horn.

            Embarrassing moment, pulling out to pass the school bus. Suddenly it is leaning to one side as all students on the the bus are looking out the window. A Bleeding ancient thing and it is pulling away. Out braked it and flew threw an intersection to maintain self esteem. I was easy pleased! Bought a 175 BSA Bushman to go even faster and spent more time pushing it. Went two weeks once without breaking down. I have never owned another British Bike and therapy over many years has helped.
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              Lucas electrics...the prince of darkness...played a big part of my proud ownership of British muck However when I first came to Perth I had a 69 Toyota Crown...very similar to Para's...however mine was a three speed manual column shift. The change rod bushes were so worn that coming to a stop in neutral...say at a set of lights often entailed having to jump out, open the bonnet and yank the rods into line so first could be selected to move off.
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                Oh Hi [MENTION=17857]Skut[/MENTION], my first FB post plagiarised on PSB.
                I’m honoured.
                Cheers mate. 👍

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                Oh Hi [MENTION=17857]Skut[/MENTION], my first FB post plagiarised on PSB.
                I’m honoured.
                Cheers mate. 👍


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                  MK1 Cortina, converted from column shift to four-on-the-floor for extra awesomeness.


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                    HX ute with a warm 253 and Traumatic. Big bench seat with sheepskin in the front, I loved that car


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                      Suzuki LJ50, 540cc of howling three cylinder two stroke a tent, with 4WD.
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                        2 wheels MOTOBECANE
                        4 wheels GTR XU1