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Registering car from NSW

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  • Registering car from NSW

    So I'm looking at a car in Sydney next weekend. Probably going to buy it and get it trucked over to Perth, cos I'm still living in NZ for another few months. Was reading somewhere that no inspection required, just roll up with proof you've owned if for at least 12 months and pay lots for a set of plates. That can't be right can it, cos I see people here buying bike from over east, and they must have change d the rego over to WA?? Can't find it on the Department of Transport site either I searched on here, but everything is for bikes, and it's all at least couple of years old, so most likely out of date info. Does anyone know what the current deal is for a car that I haven't owned for 12 months, to change the rego from NSW to WA? When I buy it I'll get the rego changed over to my name in NSW, so it's off the guys' hands.

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    Buy car
    Car goes on truck
    Truck arrives in WA
    Temporary permit to drive to inspection centre
    Pay inspection fee and WA rego
    Send original plates back to NSW for unused rego refund

    Stateroads Inspections do a good mobile service to make sure you don't get caught out with repairs.
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