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How do you advertise your Business ?

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  • How do you advertise your Business ?

    I've recently... and finally... been able to ditch my boss and start my own business !
    We're advertising on facebook and gumtree but I'm wondering where else is a good place to advertise that doesnt cost an arm and a leg ??

    And for those of you that are corporate sponsors on here... has it helped your business ????

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    What are you selling and who to? i.e. Niche market, everyone?

    Do you want repeat custom or randoms?
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      Getting a big magnet with company details to stick on the car wouldnt be a bad choice. Can whack it on for driving around, and take it off when needed. Also easy to transfer vehicle to vehicle if you have multiple.


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        Got car magnets coming for the missus car. I ride the bike everyday so no good for me.

        Business is Picture and Memorabilia framing. Printing too.
        Want/need repeat and new customers.


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          From someone who is ignorant of your circumstance, what is the nature of your business??
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            Originally posted by ReCon View Post
            From someone who is ignorant of your circumstance, what is the nature of your business??
            Picture framing.
            Memorabilia, photos, canvas, printing etc....
            The shop i worked at closed down back in april....
            I bought up the equipment and opened my own shop back in the same building.

            Ive had some of the old customers still coming in... And some clubs too.
            Also a fair amount of new people from seeing our facebook and gumtree ads too.

            Im just looking for others ways to get some more business so we're more consistent with work coming in.

            Something different... Something that i wouldnt normally think about. Just other ideas.

            Psb corporate supporter might be ok for us maybe? 500 bucks isnt too bad to get our name out there.


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              OK, you do occupy an interesting space in the business.

              Do you have any/much competition?

              If you weren't a framer yourself and needed work done or wanted to make an enquiry, what would you do? I would google it immediately.

              I heard that there is a web designer in our members list?
              Pay for a webmaster and TRY to pay for top of page listing, as only the top 5 or so entries are usually clicked. Yes, it might be spendy, but it is likely to be your lifeline.
              Most other forms of advertising are more boutique for your type of industry.

              IMO, FB is mainly for links or tags from previous customers. More of a customer reference deal. It makes a person feel good about referring you, but also lets others know that they had something done by you too, so is a bit of a showing off.

              My business is entirely book face [soon to be insta, et al ] as is 100% discretionary buying, so I'm always listing online.

              Yours is a business that is predominantly something that a person seeks.
              I am merely guessing, but I would also say that many of your customers are either higher nett worth individuals and the more senior end of the population [?] , so trying to find any sort of service on FB is a cluster fuck. Same with the younger crew too tbh...

              My opinion only, but I did look at it through my eyes , as I might actually require your services in the future.

              Edit: sign written/ magnetic signage on your vehicle is a must! Also put your head in faces of clubs, or whatever businesses that were the previous owner's bread and butter, just to inform them or even iron out old issues.
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              Sventek, being a predominantly lazy fuck can you please purchase some for me, bring me the stuff, create something I want after you think of it for me then clean my house, wash my car, dog, bike breathe for me.


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                We've got a website... But it doesnt show up in google search yet.
                But we come up on google maps when searching framers in our area so we have links for the website and the google business website on there too. We get phone calls and people can find us so that is working to some extent.

                Theres another framer across the road but we have very different styles of framing and dont pinch each others business... Even when the old shop was open.

                My main competition is now my ex boss... She got a job with another framer after declaring bankruptcy and closing down the old shop and has basically told alot of the corporate customers that she merged with this new company. I dont really care what shes doing there but they are using photos of my work (including competition winning work) to advertise themselves which hurts my business.

                Customers that come in vary huge in age and worth (dollar wise)

                Had a young guy getting motox shirts done yesterday and a pensioner getting her own small drawing done today.

                I frame everything and do different versions of the same thing so theres a price range for everyone.
                Eg. A footy jumper can be done from 195 up to 495 so most people can afford to get something done.

                Facebook ads have paid for themselves so far but havent worked as well as i hoped... But i also set a pretty low budget for them.

                Ill probably have to pay for some google ads i think... Like you said only the top few listings get clicked when searching.

                And yes the car magnets are coming... I also have a 10mtr sign on the building which people seem to see pretty good so far.

                And yep... Been emailing the old clients too. Some clubs have come in but others have not even answered me.


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                  ...Go and SPEAK to your email list.

                  Often a face and a laugh will win over talent, so if you have both, then you are well in front. This too might help them refer you as they now have that personal relationship.

                  Yes, many people are introverted and prefer online contact, but your business is dependant on face to face and tactile communications. You can't frame a screen shot..
                  This too gives you the opportunity to 'accidentally' cold call your ex bosses clientele and 'accidentally' tell everyone that your award winning product is what is used as their advertising.

                  Anyway, I might be wrong. Won't be the first or last time for that!

                  Best of luck.
                  Sventek, being a predominantly lazy fuck can you please purchase some for me, bring me the stuff, create something I want after you think of it for me then clean my house, wash my car, dog, bike breathe for me.


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                    Thats a good idea... Will have to see if i can get my missus to stay a few hours at the shop so i can get out to see a few people.

                    Thats the tricky bit. .. She doesnt really know the business yet and we've got 5 small kids to look after so time is hard to come by.

                    Its worth organising to go see some people tho. Will see what i can do

                    Cheers dude


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                      Can I clarify just a bit?

                      There was a framing business that you worked for, which operated out of a building in a location. It had generated goodwill. It went bankrupt.

                      You bought the equipment. You opened up a framing business in the same building and location. You have little of the goodwill because your old employer has tried to take much of that with her.


                      Fuck man I'm worried for you. I hope you have a clear idea of why your old boss went bankrupt and see how to avoid her mistakes. Hopefully it was because your salary was extortionate.

                      Couple of ideas:

                      If style is important in your industry and your old boss is using your work to promote the other business - shut that down. Get legal advice. She went bankrupt. I reckon that means she has no rights over your work, so she shouldn't be using it. Get a lawyer to draft a "cease and desist" letter.

                      Get someone to code your website properly. So that it returns the top result each time someone does a search. That's different to just having a website.

                      Spend a bunch of time reaching out to every club you can. Not just your old customers - go for ones that you didn't even deal with previously. Drive to their door to show them examples of your work where you can.

                      Good luck mate!
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                        The framing business always had work and ran fine....
                        But she thought it was a grand idea to try and run a homewares business out of the shop. Spent about 100k buying in stuff and only ever sold it a cost price... Then would order in more. Basically she sucked the framing business dry doing it and racked up a bunch of personal debt too. She declared personal bankruptcy to get out of paying everyone what she owed and the business had to go with it.

                        She changed the name of the old facebook pages etc.. To promote the new place she works at so theres already photos of my work on there anyway. What shits me is her new boss is posting my work on his page now! Ive never worked for him and only ever met him twice so for him to use my work as a promotion is a pretty shitty thing to do.

                        Business was going ok for us until she fired up the old pages and google links with different names attached. General people think the shop moved and dont know it closed down.

                        But on the other hand i get people come to my door because they dont know the old place shut down.

                        End of the day we are a new shop with a new name and a new phone number so we need to get it out there. Ive got some marketing people coming out for a chat next week so ill see if they can do anything for us.


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                          Reading that makes it even more apparent that a visit to get legal advice regarding "Intellectual Property" (or whatever equivalent) is the best way to spend your money - tomorrow.

                          Understanding her rights as well as yours is going to save you from her draining your prospective clients and assist you in dealing with the situation. Might even provide you with grounds to report her photos and pages for violating something-or-other to do with her bankruptcy as well as your creative designs.

                          Don't make me tell you again.
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                            Ive reported her on a few occasions to the administration already. They get it sorted, she shuts things down for a week... Then puts it all back up again worded or displayed slightly different.

                            Basically shes doing everything she can working in the "grey area" according to the admin.


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                              Facebook "admin"? Why are you wasting your time with them? And her?

                              She's an employee of her new business. You need to be taking legal action, or at least threatening it once you know your rights, against that business owner. The one she's promoting. Once they perceive risk in her actions they'll have her stop doing it. And I'm going to guess that Facebook will make sure it stays shut once they have something that carries some legal weight and dispenses with "grey areas".

                              Please. For your own sake. Make a couple of calls.
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