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TBR1WTK - Recommend me a Rice Cooker that works more than once.

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  • TBR1WTK - Recommend me a Rice Cooker that works more than once.

    As the title says, which brands of rice cookers do people have/use/recommend that aren't fucked after being used 2-3 times.

    We used to have a Kanbrook which lasted us for near on 6 years and for a $19.90 purchase (actually it was a gift) that was pretty fucking good. When it did die we ran out and bought another which died in 8 months, replaced under warranty, which died within a year and after the 3rd replacement also died we went to the Ronson, which just caught fire as I was making dinner. We only use the damn thing about twice a month it's not like the thing is plugged in 24hrs a day pumping out 10kg of rice like those owned by my Asian friends and colleagues, so what's the go?

    I can take it back and get it replaced under warranty as well but fuck me at some point I'll be transitioning from making dinner to becoming an Uber service for transporting fucked and non-fucked rice cookers to and from department stores.
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    Yummi is my choice.
    Tad expensive, but once a month is fine.


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      Nah, don't worry about an electric gizmo (especially given they keep busting), get yourself one of these:

      I got sick of gluggy rice on the the stove and having to clean the saucepan to which the rice liked to stick - my mum's rice was always perfect so I asked her how she cooks hers - she uses a microwave rice cooker. (I use absorption method on the stove for wild rice etc. as that's way less gluggy). I hate 'cooking' stuff in the microwave but I make an exception for white rice.

      1 cup rice, fill container 1/2 to 3/4 full of water. Cook for 12 mins in microwave sans lid, leave it to stand in water for 10 mins. Rinse off excess with colander and water (though it's not even gluggy so you could just drain it).

      Give my mum's method is without a lid you could try it with any container I guess. I just happened to have one of the rice cooker containers so that's what I use. Though you could have a look at how this website says to do
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        we went through the same thing and ended up with one of these, lasted with once or twice a week now for about 9-10 years, the proper sealed lids are the go. apparently.

        starting to show its age now with the non stick a bit but still barrels along ok. cooking rice and all that.
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          Most electric pressure cookers have a rice setting - usually 12 minutes for white rice.

          Pressure cooked rice is waaaayyyy better than just steamed, and pretty much foolproof.

          And you can cook other stuff like stews and curries in a hurry as well.


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            Rice cooker? Just use a saucepan. If you do it right, it'll cook at least as good. I used to have a rice cooker, but it died, so learned the proper way to use a saucepan - doesn't stick, and I get great rice every time. This is the best way I've found so far: Ignore the vid, just follow the instructions.


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              Cook it like pasta in a saucepan so some of the arsenic ends up in the water and you can throw that away. Rice is a very healthy food but it does pick up inorganic arsenic from the soil really well and some soils have significant levels from previous pesticide use growing cotton for example.




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                Add washed rice, fill 10mm above rice with water, nuke until water is gone, stir and serve.
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                  fuck rice cookers

                  go to target, buy yourself a pressure cooker (150 dorra? something like that). they do perfect rice every time (in like 3-5 minutes), are easily washed, AND THEY COOK AMAZING MEAT.

                  stews, lamb shanks, curries, etc. are all easy.

                  fuck rice cookers.
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                    Rice Cookers. Is this an attempt at an epic thread?

                    Your thoughts below, please.


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                      Rice cookers are like ABS man
                      They can perhaps compensate for really shit technique, but all they do is reduce the quality of the rice.
                      Learn some proper technique with a pan. Tip, buy the same brand, large bags of rice, work in small steps and get used to threshold cooking just after rice becomes soft and fluffy, but before becoming stodgey

                      For me, its 12:20 after boil, with a toss after and 3:00 rest time. Varying for coconut rice, stock, or whatever other road conditions


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                        Originally posted by Joe Shabadoo View Post
                        Rice cookers are like ABS man
                        Very well played.

                        The fact is I hate cooking and anything that sees me standing at the stovetop in contempt of my life for needing food in the first place.
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                          OMG let me guess "and for the love of god don't use the pot method over gas or electric stovetop its got to be over a wood or preferably bamboo fired stove........ using only single sourced jasmine rice from the nothern fields of "insert name here" thailand province. hipster foodies unite.

                          fuck that.

                          a decent rice cooker cooks decent rice

                          its fire and forget
                          I cant help it if your perceptions don't match my reality


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                            Some thoughts...

                            Basmati rice is less gluggy than 'standard' white/long-grain rice. It's actually very hard to make basmati gluggy - I've never managed. But I can very easily cock-up white/long-grain rice...

                            If you find yourself often burning rice and having to scrape the bottom bits off the pot and throwing them away... turn that frown upside-down. Once most of the water is absorbed/evaporated, add in about 1/4 cup of butter (a fuck-yuuge dollup), turn heat right DOWN to a piss-ant flame, put a lid on, and let it cook for another 30 minutes or so... at that heat it could cook for another 2 hours without much going wrong...

                            That's one quick-and-nasty way to do it the way Iranians do it - and they're the best at cooking rice! You'll have an awesome yellow layer of crunchy rice on the bottom aka 'tahdig' and it tastes as good as maccas chips


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                              ok; some Asian prospective here...

                              Any cheap rice cooker will do the job. The main thing is to get the water to rice ratio correct to get the right fluffy consistency instead of the mushy dry porridge or the rock hard pebbles.
                              - dont use those sun long rice... they are terrible.... go to asian grocers to get some decent Thai rice for best result. Royal Umbrella was a brand i used to use all the time.
                              - Avoid plastic microwave cooker, as they can leave a plastic taste to the rice; if you want to microwave, there are cookers with ceramic type container, but result may vary due to different power ratings... even my mom managed to make a rice cookie from it.
                              - remember to rinse the rice till the water is near clear
                              - The "asian mom" method of water measurement is to use your finger to measure how deep the rice is to the bottom of the rice cooker pot, and fill water to the same level ABOVE the rice level.
                              then adjust accordingly to how the rice comes out to your liking (some rice need slightly more/less water)

                              However, for good rice cooker, there is 2 brand that's popular.... The TIGER or ELEPHANT brand...
                              We have the Tiger brand one similar to this

                              pretty much perfect rice everytime... unless you really screwed up

                              Another way we have recently experimented is to use a electric steamer (or just using a wok)
                              1 cup of rice with 1 cup of water place in a bowl and steam for 30mins.
                              This is similar to how some traditional chinese restaurant used to cook their rice... comes out extra fluffy, and seems to retain the fluffiness even after you kept it in the fridge overnight.
                              This method would work best if you dont want to invest in a rice cooker, and worried about getting dried burnt rice from cooking on a stove (which requires constant monitoring)
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