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    This is just a quick question to the Admins as i'm not sure who else to ask. I ordered some PSB stickers about 2 weeks ago and still haven't received them yet. I email Deej but got no reply, so i was wondering if anyone can tell me if they've been sent or not please?


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    Will have a look
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      thanks mate


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          Im sure Tys has it well in hand

          Please remember guys, that all staff of PSB are volunteers who give up their time to help make this place how it is. That means that PSB often has to fit around Families, Work and other matters of daily life.

          Thanks for your patience and understanding


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            Hi, I also ordered a key ring but it has not arrived as yet.
            I know you guys are busy and all so I hadn't worried about it till I seen this thread.

            Transaction Details
            Web Accept Payment Sent (ID Number 1506247459700673F)
            Original Transaction
            Date Type Status Details Amount
            6 Jul. 2007 Payment To Completed ... -$5.00 AUD
            Related Transaction
            Date Type Status Details Amount
            6 Jul. 2007 Charge from Credit Card Completed Details $5.00 AUD

            If it could be looked in to as well it would be greatly appreciated.


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              I also ordered a PSB shirt in medium but hasn't arrived
              I was gonna pick it up at the MAD ride, when helping out, but didn't know if there was a list of who had paid and picked up etc, like with the MAD shirts and caps, so didn't try to get it incase it caused confusion

              also are there any PSB caps available? been after one for ages
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                +1 for a keyring


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                  Key-ring, Stickaz and Shirt

                  I'm not in any real hurry, ordered before MAD ride and I knew you guys were busy. Have printoffs of receipts still also.


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                    come to think of it i can't remember if i ordered a key ring with my stickers! d'uh. you guys will have a record of the purchase won't you? (i hope)


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                      umm i ordered a hoodie about 3 months ago (well it feels that long ago) and havent recieved it. i know the cash went through.
                      let me know if i need to pick it up or if it will be sent out.


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                        Dont mean to sound pushy, but this is not giving me any confidence to purchase any more gear like shirts etc.
                        Just would like to know what is happening since payment was made 6th July.


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                          There is another thread somewhere that says all outstanding gear should be sent out this weekend.

                          Edit: In fact, it's here:
                          Last edited by pnork; 20-10-2007, 08:39 AM.


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                            ppl there is not a designated team of merch ppl here, i understand if you have ordered and paid for something then you need to have it within a reasonable time.

                            but these ppl have been installing a whole new forum and have lives and work and kids and shit

                            when someone says they will have a look at it - they will.

                            if you choose to not purchase any more merch than that is your decision.

                            one of the reasons it has gone off shore is that the forum owner PAYS CASH UPFRONT FOR EVERYTHING in the vain hope it will all be sold

                            pls be patient



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                              I see what you are saying Dub's, but the fact is there has been no responce since the first "Will have a look" and that was for munki.
                              I have also sent a PM to which no answer.
                              I didnt say I didnt want to purchase more stuff, I was just saying it doesn't give me any confidence to do so.
                              But more to the point it has been 3 months and I have been very patient till now.
                              This is not meant to sound narky or put forward with the shits, I would just like to know.
                              Thats all.