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  • DWTK - stupid injuries

    Have you injured yourself doing something stupid? How'd you do it?

    Extra points for:
    • Knowing better
    • Extreme stupidity
    • Dares
    • Alcohol consumption
    • Hospitalisation
    • Photo/video evidence
    • Audience
    • Nudity
    • blood

    Minus points for:
    • Getting arrested
    • Crying
    • Getting injured for something not-stupid.
    • Getting other people injured from your stupidity.

    My stupid list:
    Crashed a motorbike waving at someone - broke my foot and severe concussion *points at avatar*
    Cut my tongue licking a yogo lid
    Cut my finger proving to a friend that my safety scissors really was sharp (I was 6..)
    Cut foot open kicking a garbage bag, had broken glass in it.
    Belly flopped off an olympic diving board, slappage bruising for a couple of days after that.

    There's probably more, but those are the high-scorers.
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    Drunk, dropped a stubbie and it smashed.
    Walked to the fridge, barefoot, and stood straight on it.
    Straight through and out the other side.


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      Went camping at a car show, with mates!, decided to build a campfire
      Mates got some firewood (looked like somebodies fence posts )
      I got the job of cutting wood into more sensible pieces, with a rusty old woodsaw, from the same place as the wood! No worries :grin:

      But I had way too much to drink and kept slipping with the saw, going into the top of my wrist twice, which sort of hurt at the time, but hurt like fuck the next day!

      Bugger no first aid kit so patched my self up with a couple of Macca's napkins and a hair scrunchy off one of the girls, and went to A+E the next day for a tetnus (sp) shot.

      Worst thing was a mate still reminds me that my abortion of a first aid attempt, whilst drunk, looked more like one of them flower things, you give to your date for the prom! Wanker! :p

      Edit: Daise your new avatar really is appropriate for you isn't it!
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          yeah i know but couldn't spell it, so didn't wanna appear more dim that i am anyway :p
          Designed by a Genius.
          Built by Craftsmen.
          Ridden by a TWAT!


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            Trying to be Seth Enslow on an XR600 and walking away with a broken pelvis

            (Walking away, yeah right)


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              Day before my 15th b-day was out riding my bike with a friend (pushie), going down a big hill, decided to put my feet on my front tyre, right foot missed the top and went straight through the spokes, flipped the bike and ended up on my head with my bike on top of me and the spokes still stuck around my foot.
              Got my 1st ride in an ambulance.
              Got to miss out on my pre-planned and paid for b-day party at the local pool with all my mates.. I was in plaster and on crutches. They had fun.

              Closed my head in a car door (after giving a mate shit for doing the same thing, doh)

              Thats all i can think of, but i'm sure there's more lol.


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                drunk + "Hey everybody, watch this!" = pain, lots of pain
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                  followin mirkz on fnr

                  result broken collarbone


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                    footy club pissup. nudie races on the oval at midnight when it was about 2 degrees and i was very drunk. whilst nudy racing, the missus stole all our clothes and hid them (in the womens dunnies, it turned out), and i'm kinda stuck outside completely naked 'cept for my doc martins. for some stupid reason, i decided to to do a run and jump onto a waist high wall to flash my knob at the guy that was standing behind the wall. unfortunately, i grab the corro iron roof above with a bit too much force, and slice the fuckers out of my hand. so, now i'm naked, cold, my knob is trying to crawl back inside, my hand is pissing blood, and i have to walk through a crowd of about 100 people to reclaim my clothes.

                    and the guy who i waved my knob at was a cop.

                    and he presented me with a summons.

                    but fortunately, he was a tame cop, and the summons was just a joke.

                    just added up my score...think i can claim 7 out of 9 for that effort
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                      Ohhh my daughters stupidity deserves a mention too LOL.

                      She broke both her arms 2 weeks apart...

                      1st one was on her brothers skate board at the tennis courts across the road from our house, 2nd one was 2 weeks later, across the road again at the school oval, the kids heard Mr Whippy coming and started running home for money, she didn't see the netball hoop laying down in the grass and her foot collected the hoop part and she went ass up, put out her only good hand and broke that one too.


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                        I cut the tip of my finger off while trying to cut an apple up when I was little, around 6 in the morning. I was more scared of getting blood on the carpet and making a mess than I was of actually bleeding. And I was also too scared to wake mum and dad up coz they were having a sleep in, so I managed to patch myself up, clean up and sit and wait for them to get up to take me to the docs :p Now there is only a tiny piece missing still.
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                          My favourite is broken foot (fifth metatarsal) from dancing at a party. Kept on partying rest of night. Went to Joondalup hospital next morning and hopped straight back out again. Went to GP following Monday.

                          Broke my own nose with my own hammer.. Sober:o

                          Ran into a wall and broke arm..

                          Shot myself too many times to remember with nail guns. Framing nails too...

                          That's the start. I'm NOT going to include motorbikes.

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                            Kiss chasey, target one cousin (yeah I came from Tazzy fuck off), she closed the sliding glass door that her mum had just cleaned/made invisible.

                            A bazillion stitches later I stopped leaking.
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                              Originally posted by Captain Starfish View Post
                              So it's true, they can't run faster than you, they use diversionary tactics instead.