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  • Mobile phones - what ya got?

    Everyone these days haves 1 or more. Im waiting for the n95 to be delivered so i got wondering. What phone do you have? Would you get a similar phone and what phone will you never buy again?

    Personally i find the motorolas not very user friendly and only good for a paper weight.
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    Nokia E65 ... more features than I need or will ever use


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      had an n95 - gps SUCKED.. had it in my pocket when wading the flats in broome, killed it (but caught a nice giant herring!)

      had/have a samsung U70 or whatever the new ones are -fucking thing died on me for no reason it's all fucked up.

      not sure what to get next i hate mobiles.


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        Samsung D900.

        Its ok...


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          Samsung U700 (the shiny thing).

          I'm not a big phone guy, got more features than I care for or will ever use. Only got it because the form factor is perfect for me. Nice and slim, fits in pocket easily, has bounced off concrete a few times and survived.
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            Nokia 6110 Navigator. Awesome. Bought for me by the Mrs so that if I got lost out bush I could get help
            also brick PDA, i-mate thing


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              Originally posted by Hellboy View Post
              Im waiting for the n95 to be delivered so i got wondering.
              I was gonna say don't buy a Nokia.
              Symbian sucks.


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                SE K800i. Syncing with PC over bluetooth is a bit twitchy, but otherwise she's perfect.

                I'll never buy a Moto again, their interface is just awful.
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                  Nokia 6233.

                  Good UI, 2mp camera, sounds good, loud alarm, big enough screen. And they are only cheap I think (work pays for mine so I dunno)


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                    nokia N80. had mine stolen. replaced it with another N80. does everything i need really well


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                      NEVER buy a sony ericson
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                        N70 and waiting for the N95i. N70 is good but a little slow like all symbian phones and lacks memory for what i need. The N95i has a nice amount of memory but wont be here until early next year.
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                          got the lil w880i...

                          Tis good for music, cameras a bit ppo, and could do with a radio too.
                          But yeah, like all the other phones, too much stuff that you'll never use.
                          I got it coz its nice and slim, button are a little small, but you get used to them.
                          And now its custom full black Love eBay

                          EDIT: Whats wrong with the SE's? I love the interface, but then that might be because im used to it.


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                            ive got an N80i, which does pretty much everything i need (well... want) barring nextG (its only 3g) and GPS.

                            Good points:

                            - VOIP
                            - 802.11g wireless
                            - bluetooth
                            - IR
                            - reasonable cameras (secondary one on the front for video calls)
                            - excellent high res screen
                            - plays m4a or mp3, and can take mini-SD cards (whack in 1gb+ and you have a decent ipod-type substitute). Also plays (and records) realvideo, but i haven't played with that yet.
                            - plenty of symbian apps/games for it

                            bad points:

                            - battery life is abysmal unless you turn off "dual mode" and run only GSM (I haven't bothered getting a 3g sim yet, as there's no 3g in Telfer, only nextG - will get one soonish tho) or (i assume) 3g.
                            - the menus are a bit slow (think it uses an older cpu, or the OS is poorly optimised)
                            - it's a bit chunky. personally i like a phone thats a little bit bigger than some wafer thing you try and hold comfortably
                            - uses the new "smaller" nokia plug for it's chargers.. meaning that all my old nokia chargers are usless
                            - you can't set up the alarm clock to be recurring... need to set your alarm every day.
                            - has a slightly annoying blue led that flashes every few seconds when the screen is blank to let you know it's "on"

                            I'll probably keep this until iphone v2 (with inbuilt GPS) comes out. No, apple haven't announced that yet to my knowledge, but i'm sure it must come out, GPS is about all the iphone is missing before it's an awesome all-round media/navigation/communication device

                            In hindsight i'm a bit spewing i didn't spend the little bit extra on an N95...

                            As to symbian sucking, i don't mind it apart from teh speed. newer symbian phones are HEAPS quicker than the n80 (instant response vs occasional lag)...
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                              w880i here ... Small enough not to know its there, functional when you need it to be... Can't ask for more.
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