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    Hey folks,

    after 10 years in the arts, i've decided to move on to a new career. A lot of us here (myself included) have had some really positive experiences with Ambo's, and i've started to make moves towards that.

    looking for info\advice from people that've done the course (Curtin or ECU specifically), if anyone has gone the ECU route and actually got a job in WA with St John's?
    thoughts on what the job is like? i've heard there's a lot of violence from regular people that just get scared and punch out. and obviously lots of drug violence.

    i've made an application to become a St John's Vollie and am part time at uni now picking up some biology stuff to get me back in the swing of study.

    anyone on here already an ambo and got some stories to shed that may be useful?


    - Fatty
    Home is where the Art is.

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    Do the Curtin course as SJA help or assist with this course so effectively take the graduates. If you do the ECU course they only take 10 paramedics a year from this course I believe ( I may be wrong).
    Im not a Paramedic but work daily with them in ED.
    You can get a job with some of the smaller services but lets face it, if you want to be a paramedic in WA you need to work for SJA.
    Be warned its a difficult career to head into its not all gory trauma. There is a lot of domestic violence mental health calls and fuckheads on Ice and piss. Not to mention pediatric calls.