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Another "PWTK" - What's a Good Headset to Get.

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  • Another "PWTK" - What's a Good Headset to Get.

    I'm after suggestions for a decent headset for taking calls on my phone while on my (rather noisy) bike. For phone calls only, not needed for inter-bike comms. I guess if I can listen to music as well would be a bonus. Would rather not have something shoved in my ears. I see Sena are quite popular, but they have a lot of options.

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    I’ve had both interphone and sena. I’m sticking with sena from now on for ease of use mainly plus the sound quality is marginally better. I personally prefer the ones with the dial for adjustment rather than the buttons


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      Thanks WP - I'm looking at the Sena 20S Evo.. might be a bit of overkill though..


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        I had two incarnations of Sena intercoms plus another BT device, but decided to go for Cardo when helmet change was on order. IMHO Sena has too many models and fails to support many of those. Incidentally all three Sena devices I had where left behind by support (no more firmware updates) even though the devices were still getting sold everywhere. Besides, some of the features in equivalent competitor models where missing from Sena and the audio quality was not the best (I don't listen to music, speech quality only that I refer to).

        I got a dual pack of the Freecom 4+ Cardo intercom and am still (a few months in) very happy with the choice. Comparable price to Sena's equivalent models but way better build and software quality and the battery lasts 5 times longer at least. Audio is also better. Unless your riding mates have Sena only, I would not touch the brand again.


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          I just watched a YT review on Sena vs Cardo - Cardo looks the goods


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            I wouldnt bother with the Aldi one if it pops up when you are going to buy, works fine but the way it mounts on the helmet is very clumsy, and under built, i managed to break mine pretty quickly. i spose i could hold it there with my hand if i wanted to chat...
            I cant help it if your perceptions don't match my reality


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              Don't buy the Aldi one. Roger that.