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PJWTK all about leach drains and Lease agreement

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  • PJWTK all about leach drains and Lease agreement

    Our large family (5/6 adults and 3 kids under 7) moved into a rented house at the start of the year and we are now having troubles with the leach drain overflowing. The property is +-15yrs old in a semi-rural area in Victoria and when we moved in the lawn was bright green above the leach drain and the ground was soft in that area. There is now water seeping from the ground and the smell of sewerage is obvious. The landlord installed a third bathroom and toilet for us and adjusted the rent accordingly. We have signed up for a 2 year lease

    Real Estate manager is suggesting that we will have to pay any costs related to fixing the overflow while we are saying that the age of the house, combined with the indication of a full leach drain when we first moved in means that the landlord is responsible.

    What I guess I want to know is, can we 'fix' the leach drain? ie can it be hit with a pressure cleaning arrangement internally that may improve the absorbency of the leach drain walls as Ive read that they can be clogged by soaps or fats?

    Who do you think should pay?

    We could probably do the manual labour to extend the leach drain if the landlord supplied the materials? Its just digging a decent trench and fitting the sides and lids (or pre-made frame) isnt it?

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    What is a leach drain septic tank?
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      Originally posted by Crobbo View Post
      What is a leach drain septic tank?
      A system of disposing sewerage and grey water on site without mains sewerage. I have septic tanks and leach drains too (in the hills: bedrock at surface = no mains sewerage or gas).

      Waste goes into the septic tanks where solids settle and some fancy enzymes breaks things down, then water is pumped from the tank to the leach drains where it is disposed of by literally leaching away and going to groundwater.

      Papajero I don't think you should have to pay, the septic system is an essential part of the property infrastructure, in my mind. You may be pushing it with that many staying under one roof but it should be able to cope. I'm not sure about "washing" soaps and fats out of the system, I've never had to at ours. Would be interested to hear from others on the issue, whether that is a rare occurrence or not. Good luck


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        Thanks Roy.
        I made an enquiry with the local water authority who have said that we are using a lot less water than the previous owners for this time of year (and they looked at other years also). Seems to indicate that the leach drain may have been ineffective for some time before we took over the house.

        I should probably try a more specific forum but I'm a member here, not there 😊 Used to be a place of great knowledge so we'll see if any more wizened ones can offer anything before I search further. Im away from the property due to Mr McGowan's influence on my fifo roster but will be back soon to see for myself what we can do


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          I have friends who have had similar issues and tried to rectify the existing drain, which can work for a couple of months but the problem always returns.

          The leach drain will need to be extended or another installed. I do not know of any universe where this would be your responsibility to resolve.

          Is there a tenant advocate department there?

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            Originally posted by chew View Post
            The leach drain will need to be extended or another installed. I do not know of any universe where this would be your responsibility to resolve.
            That was my train of thought too but the property manager is a biatch as was trying it on with us before we put our foot down.

            Anyway... the landlord (a bloody plumber, would you believe) inspected the problem and has had to excavate the whole system as the previous owners have planted trees all around the leach drain. System was completely rooted, iykwim. Also, the whole 'distribution network' of pipes had been put on dirt rather than gravel which didn't help too much either.

            It's cost him a bit as he's had to supply two blokes plus machinery etc, and it's cost us a backyard as the whole beautiful grassed area has now been trashed. My folks are suggesting that we hit the property manager up for a discount in rent as our backyard is mangled pretty badly