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[BFWTK] Why did you stop going to nightclubs?

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  • [BFWTK] Why did you stop going to nightclubs?

    Looking at the 'recommend a pub/club' thread, it's obvious that the younger you are, the more you like nightclubs. And then suddenly as you get older you just stop going.

    Why is it so?

    My theory is that when you are 18, you go ther because everybody else does. Then you gradually think that paying to get in for the privilige of buying really expensive watered down drinks, not being able to talk to anybody and annoying doof doof music is just not worth the money or effort.

    Everyone knows there is an (unspoken) maximum age limit for most places, there's nothing more sad than the 40 year old bloke still hanging around clubs
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    I stopped going because I turned 18 and it was no longer amusing to get in and get hammered.

    The club scene just seems to be full of fuckheads and ego-tards trying to impress vapid bubbleheaded chicks with a great deal of chest beating and posing. Not for me.
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      Yeh i still go to clubs tho not as much as i used....Mainey go there as most of my mates are still into it We are in our mid to late 20's. I am getting a bit tired of it as you have to be off your face in order to have fun, if your not it can be annoying.


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        Gimme a good pub with a bunch of mates and great conversation over being aurally raped any day of the week.

        I've only ever been twice(when I was 18, just to see what it was like)... Fool me once, shame on me, fool me twice.... you can't fool me again.
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          Used to love going to places like James st when I was in year 11 and enjoyed it for a few years, then I just enjoyed having a few beers in a pub over being in Northbridge.

          The place is just full of fuckheads getting agro be it booze, drugs or whatever, it ruins everyone elses good night out.

          I used to work in NB as well and hated it.

          a few years too long. As soon as 18 I think that's when it was pubs and watching pub bands or live acts, also about the time I stopped going to raves 1994.

          32 now and prefer a quiet one with a good crowd with no worries of having to take someone to an Emergency Dept or have to seperate rabid dogs fighting over an accidental shoulder bump.
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            Because they are full of slappers, festy guys and drugged fucked young people
            i went out a few times this year
            but i'm not really into it that much anymore
            from time to time i'll go into town

            i used to go every weekend when i lived in Bunbury
            Less often when i just moved to Perth
            now at the grand old age of 22
            i'd rather stay home and watch a movie or go to a pub



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              Never went... I've been once, and I'm 21.


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                I'd only go to a Club if AVB is playing, otherwise it's pubs for me
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                  i usually go to northbridge a few times a month, i dont mind it all to be honest, the rise is one of the freindliest coolest clubs around..
                  i never go clubbing alone though, ive usually got at least 3 mates with me..
                  +1 for it gets quite annoying if your not plastered... but i usually have that base covered!
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                  Originally posted by thro
                  i only squid it when riding pissed.


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                    I'll only go if I'm with my girlfriends, feel like a big ol' boogy and a bit of a pash. Clubs are good for that. I definitely don't go as much as I used to. I don't fancy smelling other people's vomit and getting my feet trod all over as much nowadays.


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                      too old, they wont let me in
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                        They're full of popped-collared, pink shirt wearing "guys" that can't handle their gear and/or booze. They like to fight, but they can't and to compensate they'll only step up to someone if their mates are there to back them up. These types have ruined Northbridge for me. The missus still likes to go clubbing but I prefer a good pub or drinks at a mates house.

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                          have never been into pubs or clubs, pub/club phobic even.
                          Probably 3 times in my life as a social event, couple times for club/business meetings.


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                            we pop the collars for a laugh some nights.. only to mock those who are srs poppers. if me and aidan (esquire) get on the turps, look for the popped collars!
                            wood for life? wood is life.
                            Originally posted by thro
                            i only squid it when riding pissed.


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                              I stopped going when I moved to Perth, in Bunbury I used to go most Saturday nights and go home Sunday when they closed (most of the time with my eldest daughter) had a fairly large group of friends that went out, different in Bunbury though, haven't been out up here though, cos lots of drunks and druggies

                              Just for the excercise as I don't drink