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BWTK - Hardened Glass - structural requirements

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  • BWTK - Hardened Glass - structural requirements

    So, I finally have the drawings for an awesome LED display for a landmark building in Melbourne.
    And I finally received the 'sketches' that the salesman on the project was having done by an engineering firm next to our office in Sydney.
    He was right when he admitted he had no idea about mechanical and physical things.

    I need to form a ~5m high hollow box with 6mm think hardend glass. The box will be formed with panels of glass 1300mm wide (with 1280mm min viewable width) and 4 panels high, 3 @1280mm, the top one at 1024mm. Each face of the box will be the same.

    My questions are: what is the minimum spec of frame material required to hold the glass to form a panel?

    What is the minimum spec of vertically mounted steel section (thinking square SHS 3-6mm thinkness) that will be able to hold these panels in place? Can only be mounted at the bottom and top.

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    So, I need someone to come to my workplace, and rebuild a reciprocating compressor for me (no Ducati).

    Wait, this is where we ask people to do our work for us, right?


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      Hey, even just a clue.
      I'm not an engineer, I'm just trying to find an answer to a question.
      The only kind of engineers I've got here are software.


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        so you already have the hollow box made up? and just want a metal grid to support the glass?

        a rough sketch of the design would be handy (if you are allowed to)
        I'll check the aus standards and give you a rough idea of anything you may need if you can supply the glass density/weight as well as a rough sketch

        as far as what you need to design for, though...
        your main concern will be supporting the glass weight, with maybe wind loads and bracing thrown in for good measure so that you don't get much flex and destroy your glass panels...
        I'll check a few of the specs once I have an idea of what it looks like

        edit: am I correct in thinking you want something like this below? (see attached pic)
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          Surely for something as big and fancy as that you be able to consult a structural engineer?
          Even if it's a half an hour of time with the main project structural consultant?


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            ^^ Yes, that would be a good idea.

            Although the easiest solution is just to over-engineer the hell out of it, seeing as its not going to cost you THAT much extra to go up a few standard section sizes...

            overkill is fun


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              the sketches were done by the firm, but no other work?


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                There is a concrete column, on this column we are putting an LED display (attached)
                Client is now asking for us to put safety glass over the front. Without obscuring the view of the display.

                Wanting to avoid putting anything horizontal, but if the glass needs it, it gets it.

                Unfortunately this salesman has a habit of over-commiting us, because he has no idea what is required, and puts our neck in the line for the whole solution.

                The firm the salesman went to quoted him a price, and gave him measurements and would show him their drawings in person, but not hand them over.
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                  The firm the salesman went to quoted him a price, and gave him measurements and would show him their drawings in person, but not hand them over.
                  and.. he won't pay for them?


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                    No. and I cant authorise payments or order them myself.

                    This attachment is what I am after. I think I am going to send this back to that firm and include a few nice words about ignoring the salesman on any technical details.

                    Cheers for your help guys.
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                      y not use 8 or 10mm toughened and do it frameless...
                      Bones heal, chicks dig scars, pain is temporary, but glory lasts forever.

                      afterall, a bit of pain never hurt anyone!


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                        Why not do it i Lexan or polycarbonate? Soves half the wieght issues.
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