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CWTK:Do radar cameras/lasers work in the rain?

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  • CWTK:Do radar cameras/lasers work in the rain?

    I was once riding between Walpole and Manjimup in torrential rain at slightly above the limit ($1.30) and had a patrol car coming the other way, they had an external thing hanging off the drivers side and the passenger was adjusting something in the middle of the dashboard but they just kept driving.

    Anyone been pinged by radar in the rain? Were they just cosy in their car and didnt want to get out? (It was miserable)
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    Originally posted by chew View Post
    ... Were they just cosy in their car and didnt want to get out? (It was miserable)
    ^^^This... Nice warm coffee and doughnuts in the car I'd bet.

    Seriously though, radar does get attenuated (reduced returns) by moisture droplets. The larger the droplets, the greater the attenuation.
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      Not to mention the possibility of severe refraction if the down pour is heavy.
      Depends on the wavelength and spacing between the rain droplets.

      Basically it comes down to the requirement specs and if rainy conditions was a consideration when it was initially designed. If it wasnt considered its quite possible that they would be getting anomalies in their readings.
      (but it also depending on how the "average" final reading is filtered and displayed/recorded for the user. ie small spikes that are way above/below the average reading are ignored.)

      It is possible, but I wouldnt count on it if you had to take it to court without getting your hands on one for testing purposes. (which isnt going to happen, so basically if you get a ticket, its going to stick unless you want to spend $$$$$$$ in an attempt to possible set a precedent!)

      My money is on the "warm and dry & up on the quota" factor.


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        Victorian manual states not to use in heavy rain, insects and ensure there are no other reflected surfaces. (haven't seen the WA manual but i imagine it'd be fairly similar)

        I basically see it as xphread does, you can make the cops looke but buttmunches for not following protocal (assuming it's the same as Victoria), but you probably won't get out of the fine.
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          Originally posted by Drach View Post
          and ensure there are no reflected surfaces.
          Like, um, windscreens?


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            So...the heavier it rains...the faster you should go?
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              Originally posted by Desmogod View Post
              Like, um, windscreens?
              no other reflective surfaces.
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