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  • DWTK, Strippers.....

    Now, they have the strippers in town tonight and a few people have asked if I wanted to go.
    Other than the fact they are probably older than my Mum and have a belly button between their tits, am I the only one who just doesn't "get" the whole thing about strippers.
    I've been lucky enough to visit some very up class establishments, including the legendary "Spearmint Rhino" in London, and aside from the odd few times I went with female company of mixed sexual proclivities, I found it utterly shit.
    I can't seem to wrap my head around the whole notion of paying money to look at naked women who don't want you touching them and don't even want to fuck you.
    Some of these women aren't even attractive and I find the whole thing quite sad and seedy.
    So my question is, DWTK, what is the big deal with strippers?

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    It's a guy thing, you wouldn't understand


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      i have to agree with you there desmo especially the part where you cant touch them even when your giving them money. You can see as much tits and ass as you want on the internet for free... if your gonna pay money to a girl like that at least get a hooker that way you can get your rocks off at the same time
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        Need an income to pay for the heroin Desmo ...


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          Waste of time and money IMO.


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              Yeah i've only ever been to a strip club once and that was with a group of mates when i was about 18.

              None of them even had their tits out and fucked if i'm paying some girl to take her top off.

              So half of us left and went to the pub and got drunk instead.

              Also that place seemed dodgy and seedy as hell and i couldn't wait to get out of there.


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                Last strip joint I went to was to work on the building and everyone is very charming but previously it was Kings Cross after a wedding, The guys were happy drinking and singing at the pub, but some of the women wanted to hit the strip clubs. We went along but I spent most of the time there discussing the grooms new religion with his childhood mate. We were leaving after a blondie was finished and I was interested to see her race straight to the dealer at the bar after her performance and grabbed a little bag of sugar I think? Must have had a cuppa on the go.
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                  I enjoy looking at naked ladies. Luckily my wife and some friends also think it's a reasonable night out

                  Why go to a race where they don't let you on the track?
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                    Pub strippers and places like exotica don't do anything for me at all, for the reasons you mentioned.

                    But a place like the voodoo lounge is more laid back, there isn't some fuckwit DJ spruking all the time, the ladies are of a better standard and don't harass you for tips. It's a proper gentlemans club, not a strip joint.
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                      everyone appreciates the work of art that is a gorgeous girl with no clothes on but a strip joint is generally the last place you find that. id rather watch motogp or soccer while i drink beer than naked average women.

                      i had a completely naked waitress at my bucks party and that was just weird. 20 blokes standing around drinking and a 20 odd yo girl wearing just a belt and boots hanging around awkwardly. i guess it was a novelty just so you can say you did it but im sure i could have found much more fun things to do with that $300

                      fyi no pics of her, she flipped if she even saw a camera. apparently she thinks she has a "future" to protect or something. she was actually quite hot but for a naked waitress she was pretty frigid. she wouldnt even bend over to get drinks out of the esky or anything
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                        Male stippers tend to have different rules, you can molest them, and they tend to molest you. This I don't enjoy, I like to call the shots, and there's no sense of conquest in doing the lambada with someone who I know wouldn't normally pursue me. I can sometimes enoy the theatrics of the performance, it's usually accompanied by a sense of fun and naughtiness, but the way most women in the audience carry on can be, well the politest phrase would be 'quite feral', and that spoils it for me.

                        The generic male stripper physique i.e. a body resembling a stocking stuffed with walnuts, fake tan liberally applied on a limbs stripped of all hair, well it kind of leaves me a bit disappointed, ironically I do appreciate that these men go to some trouble to try and look appealing.

                        Hens nights usually have lots of routines where the women are dragged on stage - with faux coyness and embarrasment, and they are bent over tables, put over laps with a pretend smack, and generally groped and teased. The last time I thought it was all bit cheesy, and left the club with another bored patron to go and get an ice cream.

                        But if it was the same performace from someone who genuinely adored me, well I would definitely stay and end up totally enslaved by that person.

                        One thing I really admire the physical capabilities of a genuinely good pole dancer, but I can kill two birds with the one stone and take the family to Circus Joseph Ashton. The ladies don't get their kit off, but they don't wear that much to start with, and their bodies are in very fine form.


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                          Desmo, come to Thailand with me dude I'll show you around.



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                            ^^ WDS - Thailand puts a whole new perspective on things. I havent looked at goldfish or canaries the same since


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                              Originally posted by Bundera78 View Post
                              ^^ WDS - Thailand puts a whole new perspective on things. I havent looked at goldfish or canaries the same since
                              wait wait...ive heard of ping pong balls and the sorts, but whats with the goldfish and canaries?