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DWTK: Have you ever cheated DEATH

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  • DWTK: Have you ever cheated DEATH

    Close encounters of the DEADLY kind

    Fight off a crocodile?

    Nearly get on a flight that crashed?

    Ever had to run from a mountain lion that's spitting cobras at you?

    ever escaped just by the hairs on your chinny chin chin

    I have been in 4 car crashes, 2 were complete write offs that both nearly saw me crushed to a pulp. speed wasn't a major factor in both either.

    Also, while surfing in Albany i had a shark knock my board while i was sitting on it
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    Was booked on a plane that went down no one lived.
    Spent some time treding water
    just missed out on a major crash that 5 of our team died in.
    The usual trffic games.
    All good here
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      Thread is bad juju.


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        Originally posted by Desmogod View Post
        Thread is bad juju.


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          (anarchy in english )


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            Had a small debate in my head about whether to post this or not.

            Was not myself but a close family friend.

            It was quite a few years ago now but she was supposed to go on a small holiday with her best friend and her family. They were going to all be going away and staying in a caravan park. In the end for whatever reason she was unable to go, can't remember the specifics now. Whilst on said holiday the mother who was a nurse at the time poisoned her two children, one young girl and a younger boy.

            Would of hated to have been in her shows. Blaming herself, thoughts of what if she went would she have been murdered too. If she went would it have never happened etc?

            Really horrible stuff.

            +1 for Desmo's comment. Bad juju.


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              I was trekking in the Solu Khumbu (Everest) region of Nepal when right at the end of the trek the weather turned quite odd. Our guides said that they didn't like what was happening, and felt that something bad was going to happen. 1 day later, when we were safely back in Kathmandu, the first reports of massive snowfalls and many deaths in avalanches to trekkers and the local Sherpa people...that was pretty close.

              And an old post of mine should get a mention...

              Holy shit, had a close one today. :o:

              Splitting across Mt Henry this morning, came up behind a hyundai (i think) and she started drifting into my lane. Hit the anchors about 2 metres behind her (wet freeway), locked 'em up and started skidding. Got as far as her wing mirror when I smashed it off (somehow still upright, WTF?) which must have kicked the slime that I call a brain into action and got off the brake (by this time I was leaning over at about 30 degrees!). Then I clobbered her front spoiler (nice scuff on my boot!) and hit my right leg pretty hard. Expecting to go down on my left side I was bracing when the head gave a bit of a wiggle and came upright again.

              Now, I have never claimed to be the world's best rider, but the fact that I got out of this with only slightly soiled underpants is something near a miracle. I have no idea what I did right, and I can only guess that a 7 metre skid followed by no "ouch" was facilitated by the wet roads not washing off any speed, and allowing Newton's first law to assist me. End result is that I continued to work at a stately manner, she has a broken mirror, and I have to polish my boots again this evening. Not even a bruise on me.

              Gotta get myself a lotto ticket at lunchtime today.

              I hope y'all have a GREAT day.
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                One night on the way back from work, was coming down South St. About to take the left turn onto North Lake road. Checked right, nothing. Took off and all of a sudden there's a car coming straight at me on the wrong side of the road. Just managed to swerve left as they shot past me. My manager was following behind me and pulled up next to me after looking like this

                I can't be sure but I'd say they were going pretty fast as I was looking ahead when I pulled up (there is a fair view of the lanes to the left) and didn't see them. Can't remember if the headlights were on though. All in all it was pretty crazy. Think I was in shock as it didn't really hit me until the next day, then I was just pissed. Fucken idiots out there.


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                  Mine's nowhere near as 'exciting' as any of that...

                  I had bacterial meningitis. Awful thing to have...and i was soooo very sick for a long time. There's about a month missing from my life at that stage


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                    Apart from the usual miracle walk away from car crashes etc I beat cholera in a shitty rural Malay hospital (if you could call it that) many years ago.

                    Also dodged a bullet a few years ago. Was clearing a misfire in a rifle, waited a while slid the bolt back and as the round was sliding back it detonated and the bullet was half out the barrel, bits of bullet exploded and a fair old chunk struck and damaged my glasses. Wiley-X FTW!
                    Originally posted by Abuse this
                    Get a load of this pussy, he wouldn't travel back in time to murder a baby.


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                      Lots of times.

                      Plane, bike, car, boat and on foot.
                      Work Buy Consume Die


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                        I had bacterial meningitis
                        WTF how do you get that, always looking for something differant to try.
                        REPENT MOTHER FUCKER
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                          the lady that survived the paris plane cra. . . . Oh wait
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                            Lung collapsed one night.
                            Went to bed not knowing what was wrong.
                            Woke up barely able to move.
                            When the docs xrayed me they said they I should've died of a heart attack overnight...


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                              inexp on the bike, took corner to fast and went ofroad missin a powerpole by inches
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