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SWTK - Is summer time squid time?

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  • SWTK - Is summer time squid time?

    Went for a little blast this morning wearing full jacket, gloves etc.

    Loving the warm weather in QLD great for riding but the heat was enough to get a decent sweat up.

    I was tempted to ride without the jacket, but remembering the skin damage I did from my last stack I opted to wear it.

    So who rides in full gear in summer or squids it? I have seen a few people ride around in T shit and Jeans with armour similar to moto x but yeah not my cup of tea...

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    If its too hot to wear your gear, its too hot to ride.
    A cynic is a man who, when he smells flowers, looks around for a coffin.

    Dear god, it's some weird bastardized three wheeled two person go-kart.


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      board shorts and thongs all the way.


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        The squid argument has been done to death.

        Wear whatever the hell you like, but don't expect any sympathy when you fall off and become a skin crayon.
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