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Gwtk - who was your grade 3 teacher?

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  • Gwtk - who was your grade 3 teacher?

    who was your grade 3 teacher?

    Mr Frigo laverton JPS.. the hobbit
    Originally posted by Bendito
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    Mrs Dalby-Smith.
    I spent alot of time that year sitting in the hallway with my desk for being a disruption.
    (justrememberededit: but was the first year people asked me to draw shit for them. unproductivity ftmfw)

    CSG first school. uk.
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      Mrs Clayton

      Most awesomest teacher!

      its funny how we remember our teachers. Probably the reason why i decided to become one


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        Mrs Gablikis, Hawker Park PS.
        Crabby old witch.


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          Mrs Haig, Wesley College, South Perth. *shudders*

          Now please excuse me while I go curl up into the foetal position.

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            "Minky" Robinson, so called because of his minky hair.
            Of which he had not one strand.


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              Mrs Casper.
              Unlike the ghost, she wasn't white.
              (541): So, when he came he screamed MORTAL KOMBAT!!!! at the top of his lungs and all of his roomates yelled back FINISH HER!!!!.....yeah kinda awkward


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                Mrs Lewis safety bay primary

                she was the best teacher there by far!
                RIP ADRIAN LEE
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                  Ms Ballantine
                  Lost part of her finger in a car door.
                  Seemed quite proud of her stump..

                  West Leederville PS
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                    Miss Tyrell, Our Lady Star of the Sea Catholic Primary, Gladstone, Qld.

                    I loved her so much, she was my dream woman. Until halfway through the year when she went away and got married. When she came back she told us all to call her Mrs Green now. I refused, because our love could not die, I couldn't let another man have her.
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                      Ms Tomlinson - woman was amazon like ! Cooke Point Primary - Pt Hedland


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                        Ms Jones-chewed on everyones pencils but her own. ATPS


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                          Mrs Campo, great lady with incredible patience and a passion for kids and education.
                          I met up with her again when I was about 22, she was a freind of my boss.
                          Still a great lady

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                            Gawd I must be getting old, had to have a look at my school photos to remember...
                            Miss Goddard, Inglewood PS. Frightfully thin by the look of the pic, but very nice teecha from what i remember

                            Off-topic: before being known as Inglewood PS, it was known as North Inglewood PS ie NIPS then everyone got all pc and the "North" got dropped. Then again could just be an urban myth just like Curtin University of New Technology...
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                              I cant remember grade 3 but grade 6 i had Mrs Pope who looked just like Wonder Woman from the old tv series, best school year ever
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