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JWTK: Suspension vs Double or Nothing

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  • JWTK: Suspension vs Double or Nothing

    Being that I may very well be faced with making this decision very shortly I put it to you, PSB, What Would YOU Do. Face suspension or try your luck with the ol' Double or Nuthin'?

    There are Cons and Pros for both; with having my license suspended there is no doubt in my mind my insurance premiums go up considerably, not to mention the annoyance of not being able to drive/ride where I want when I want, and I have a fair few commitments.

    When it comes to double or nothing I cant seem to go long without getting a speeding fine or two, which is my main concern when attempting to do 12 months. Plus my car is not enabled with cruize control and it's millimetres between km's on the bike's throttle.

    Again, I don't want what you think I should do, What would YOU do/Have you done?


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    My theory is that if you've racked up 12 points in 3 years, the chances are you'll get pinged for a 10km/h over at least within 12 months.

    I know i sit on 10km/h+ over everywhere, and murphy says i'd definitely get picked up within 12 months for doing so if i was on double or nothing. Old habits are just too hard to break.

    Hence, i'd do the time. 3 months isn't that bad (have had no license for 6 before, but i got an E license, back in the day... but that wasn't until 1.5 months after losing it)...

    Unless... you reckon you could do 12 months on a 50cc scooter?

    btw - your insurance will go up irrespective of your double or nothing... legally you're supposed to tell them you've run out of points and have been suspended whether you do double or nothing or sit it out...
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      If you can't get by without a car then you just have to take the double or nothing and DO NOT SPEED.
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        (wot i did last year)
        Face it.
        Deal with pubic transport. (This was a horrible adventure in itself, but i did lose a bit of weight... and hair)

        Fuck behaving for a whole year.


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          Paging Creme...

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            I'm on double or nothing. Its easy.

            (just don't get caught)


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              Take the 3 months - It's not that long. I have and the getting around isnt that big a deal, just requires a bit more planning. No way could I go 12 months on good behaviour.


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                double of nothing,sell the car use the bike, or if you cant face selling the car,drive it slower than an old bloke on sunday

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                  i did my 3 months and made the most of it by studying instead of riding around, then getting a pushie i enjoyed riding and just making it work for me. i got used to it. it can be cheaper too

                  are you willing able to stay 10 under (to be safe) for a year?

                  i'd say do the time unless that's simply not an option


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                    i took the 3 months. it was easy, far easier than behaving for 12 months. just remember if you take the good behaviour period and get a fine incurring loss of points during that time your licence is then automatically suspended for double the initial suspension period. i found i was asking myself "can i go for 3 or 6 months without a licence", not "can i go 12 months without a speeding fine". 6 months is alot longer to be without transport.

                    also keep in mind that if you lose your licence for accumulation of points, when you go to hand your licence in for your suspension, it won't be activated until 1 month after that date.


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                      if it is 3 months take the time i got done for 3 month and it going fast i get it back next month


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                        Don't pay the fine, take it to court and try get off. The worst thing they can do is tell you to pay the fine.

                        Check out some info on may work / may not but could be worth the effort if you need your licence
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                          definately get cruise control fitted, i use cruise control all the time in the car to free my eyes from the speedo
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                            Originally posted by Waikikamucau View Post
                            Don't pay the fine, take it to court and try get off. The worst thing they can do is tell you to pay the fine.

                            Check out some info on may work / may not but could be worth the effort if you need your licence
                            and whatever you do, don't listen to those useless spineless parrots in legal aid, as their only real purpose is to tell you to plead guilty and pay the fine (useless pole-smoking bitch-posing-as-a-lawyer... :fuk
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                              what I want to know is ... how the fuck did you get fined with your hooters?

                              not showing enough cleavage each time you got pulled over or what??