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10 Reasons why Racing is better then Sex :) Funny stuff

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  • 10 Reasons why Racing is better then Sex :) Funny stuff

    10. It is socially acceptable to race while others watch.

    9. During a real hot lap, if you call your bike the wrong name, it will still finish the race.

    8. Bikes with small engines often outperform big engines.

    7. You don't have to sit through dinner and a show before you race.

    6. Your race bike won't leave you if you ride another bike.

    5. You can ride hard, right from the start.

    4. You and your bike always finish at the same time.

    3. You always know where to put your hands.

    2. Your bike will never stop running just because you forgot the day you bought it.

    1. The crowd cheers when you finish first.

    Heh you all prob seen it before.

    EDITED: By popular demand CARS became Bikes and Drive became ride LOL Satisfied?
    Will you insure me?!

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    hadnt seen it before but u could of at least changed it from car to BIKE!!!! :cry:
    Quote: "What do i like about the GP?......The Crumpet I S&#39;pose" <span style="font-family:Times">The Late Barry Sheene &#39;01</span>


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      hahah.. I love it!
      Right now Im having amnesia and deja vu at the same time. I think Ive forgotten this before.


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        Some say he eats sidchrome for breakfast

        Some say he only showers on even days of the week

        Some say he put an R1 motor in a coffee machine

        All we know is he's Hewie.