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  • All jokes Blonde

    A blonde, redhead and a brunnette are trapped on an island after their boat sank. They can see the shoreline in the distance and the Redhead being the natural born leader decidesto swim to get help. She gets most of the way but drowns.

    The Brunette noticed the Redhead go under and after a detailed assessment of the situation decides to try it herself, the plan being to rescue the redhead and get help for the Blonde, sadly however she lacks the upper body strength to go further than halfway and drowns.

    The blonde gets really worried witnessing the 2 before her go under and decides to also give it a go, she swims to where she saw the Brunette go under but becomes increasingly tired. She gives up and swims back to the island.

    Too long? Ok ok

    How do you make a blonde drown? Put a mirror in the bottom of a pool (better?)
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