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    A young blonde woman, down on her luck, decided to end it all one night
    By throwing herself into the cold, dark waters of Fremantle Harbour.

    As she stood on the edge of the dock, pondering the infinite, a young
    sailor noticed her as he strolled by. "You're not thinking of jumping,
    are you?" he asked. "Yes, yes I am," replied the sobbing girl.

    Putting his arm around her, the kind sailor coaxed her back from the
    edge. "Look, nothing's worth that. I tell you what; I'm sailing off for
    Europe tomorrow. Why don't you stow away on board and start a new life
    over there? I'll set you up in one of the lifeboats on the deck, bring
    you food and water every night. I'll look after you, if you 'LOOK AFTER
    ME', if you know what I mean!"

    The girl, having no better prospects, agreed and the sailor smuggled her
    on board that night. For the next 3 weeks the sailor would come to her
    lifeboat every night, bringing food and water, and make love to her
    until dawn.

    Then, during the fourth week, the captain was performing a routine
    inspection of the ship and it's lifeboats. He peeled back the cover to
    find the startled young woman and demanded an explanation.

    The young woman came clean. "I've stowed away to get to Europe," she
    said. "One of the sailors is helping me out. He set me up in here and
    brings me food and water every night ... and he's SCREWING ME!"

    The puzzled captain stared at her for a moment before a small grin
    cracked his face and he said, "He sure is, darling, this is the Rottnest

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    Will you insure me?!


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      Damn blondes


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        Some say he eats sidchrome for breakfast

        Some say he only showers on even days of the week

        Some say he put an R1 motor in a coffee machine

        All we know is he's Hewie.


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          hehehe Where do you find one of those


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            hehehe Where do you find one of those
            Should be one on the ferry....
            Aim high and consider yourself worthy of great things


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              HAHA good one BB....

              ive never been to rotnest.....bout time i paid a visit i think