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    How do you know when it's midnight at Michael Jackson's house?
    When the big hand touches the little hand.

    Michael Jackson's home has been raided by the police this morning.
    They found Class A drugs in the lounge, Class B drugs in the kitchen
    and Class 2C in the bedroom

    What did the woman on the beach say to Michael?
    "Excuse me, but you're in my son"

    Where's Michael going on holiday?
    He's off to Tampa with the kids.

    What does Jacko have in common with a Big Mac?
    They're both old meat between young buns

    What does Michael hand round after dinner?
    The under-eights

    What does Jackson have in common with whisky?
    They both come in small tots

    Good to see Jacko dangling his kid off the balcony.
    Usually he just tosses them off.

    What do Michael and K-mart have in common?
    They both have boys briefs half-off

    Jacko's wife has just given birth to a baby boy.
    "How long before we start having sex?" asks Michael.
    Doctor: "I'd wait until he's at least 14"

    What has 18 balls and 3 pubic hairs?
    A Michael Jackson slumber party

    What do MJ and Santa Clause have in common?
    They both leave childrens rooms with empty sacks

    What's the difference between Michael Jackson and acne?
    Acne usually doesn't come on a child's face until he's at least twelve.
    Aim high and consider yourself worthy of great things

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      holy shit that is fucking funny, nice find flakey, wd
      I was raised on the Dairy....Bitch