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  • yeah ready to go to hospital


    • Screenshots, people.
      I can't emphasize this enough.
      Originally posted by Desmo
      Why be a cunt about it?


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        • On the other hand, why weld when you can use what look like nail plates to hold that aluminium abomination together

          Knowledge without mileage equals bullshit.

          "The feelings mutual so kindly fuck off"


          • ^^^^ That's gotta be a " Mother-in-law" Kart ^^^^^^
            " Imagination is the seed of life..."


            • 2014 Yamaha MT-07

              Selling as my back has packed up and will no longer allow me to ride bikes.

              It's a terrible shame as this Ferrari red MT-07 makes any owners penis inches longer, unattainably attractive to members of the opposite sex and about as cool as drugs railed from a supermodels rack.

              The bike is completely stock and im the second owner. Full service with new front and rear tyres 1000 km ago. Never been dropped.

              Bike is lams approved and unlike a lot of others is 100% completely stock and unmodified. The absolute perfect bike for a learner.

              As im giving up riding it comes with 2 Medium sized Dri-Rider jackets, a set of gloves, size 9 boots and a mens medium black helmet (has never been dropped although is a bit marked)

              At 5900 it's the cheapest for sale in WA, in perfect nick and the accessories while they may not be much use to you are easily worth a few hundred dollars.

              My loss is your gain, I need to sell it so i can pay for my next back operation. Price is firm and will not be negotiated until you've seen the bike. No test rides without proof of licence.


              • Anyone need a new helmet?
                "Always look at where you want to go, never at where you are afraid to go" - My riding instructor


                • 🔝You beat me to it......Gold

                  "Cleaning out my girlfriend's dad's garage and found a vintage looking old school motorcycle helmet. Possible collectors item. Genuine leather. There's also a leather harness (which I think is for a large dog) as well, which I'll chuck in for free."
                  Rules are for the Obedience of Fools and the Guidance of Wise men. Douglas Bader.

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                  Three can keep a Secret, if Two of them are Dead. Benjamin Franklin.