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  • The Queen is a top aussie


    Queen gets pissed and puts shit on New Zealanders.

    Bondi, Saturday, 11pm: Punters at the Bondi Hotel were stunned on Saturday night after overhearing the Queen putting shit on a group of New Zealand backpackers.
    \"Ya shhtupid fuskin ssheep-rooterers\" commented the Queen after one of the tourists spilt her 12th schooner. \"None of youse can plaay cricket for sssssshit. And youse shhtink at footy, too, don't yasss. eh? eh? eh? yess yas do... eh? Shhtupid New Fucksing Zealandernessses. Why don't youse all sscare me with a haka dansce? hey? ..... kiwi poofs.\"

    Following the incident, New Zealand's Prime Minister considered declaring war on Australia, but decided not to after realising that New Zealand would lose because New Zealand is crap at everything.